Thursday, March 15, 2018

Arrived at San Carlos

Another lovely day on Mexican roads. Actually wasn't too bad except for a couple miles here and there. Here are the seagulls when we took down the curtain from the windshield. Where is the guy with the tortillas?  Well guess what we were out of tortillas but did have some stale bread. No more till next year guys. 
So we pulled out of El Miradore RV in Huatabampito at 8:30 - and what is this? Drizzle. Never amounted to much, just enough to make window really dirty.  
 Heading up the road towards Navojoa. No idea what it is or why it is there. Both roads into Huatabampo have now been paved. The north way just south of Navojoa is nice and the road in just after the toll booth going south is in very good shape. You can tell by the number of rigs that now go to El Mirador. 
 Because we were leaving this way we took the Truck Route around Navojoa instead of going through the town with its many traffic lights. 

This road too has been paved. And now it is a four lane highway. Used to be two very lanes in rough shape with a few patches of dirt. Nice now will take it from now on. 
 Our first of four toll booths - auto 79 pesos, autobus 129 - we get to pay both. A couple of times this year we were charged as a camion [truck] 4 axles - here it would have been cheaper. 
Road has been good so far. Mostly new concrete. Coming up to the new bypass around CD Obregon. Very well marked. It is just about at Kilometer marker 203 going north. 
 The split off - go right up over bridge. 
 I don't like these narrow bridges, but no one asked me.  Nice pavement and guard rails.
 OMG already working on the new road. Very little traffic going south. 
 More work being done and south bound traffic too.
 Just a look at the road. And boy does it go WAY around the city. Could not even see any of the city. It must go kind of like the red line. 

The end of the bypass. First you pay a toll then you go to the left in a big circle, under the bypass and on out to a secondary road. 
 Follow the signs to Guaymas, this road is narrow and not real nice. But soon you get to the old 15, of course, just before a toll booth. 

 Going through Vicam is as not fun as it has always been. Lots and lots of topes. In fact once on the old 15D there are vibradores and topes all over it. Especially by the Pemex stations.
 Lots of detours where both lanes of traffic are on the same side of the road. Only on stretch where the asphalt was rough. Mostly detours were to new concrete. But watch out for on coming traffic trying to pass. Twice we had close calls with trucks passing trucks. In fact one time Bill had to almost stop to give the truck room to pull in. 
 One of the many big concrete laying machines. This one was actually working. Some day I'd like to stop and watch it being done.
So after 177 miles we arrived in San Carlos at 12:40. A little more than four hours. Tolls of US $38. We are at Totonaka RV. As usual there water is not much more than a drip. And because the park is almost full the WiFi is soooooo slow that I'm using our TelCel. 
We set up and then went to La Palapa Griega for lunch on the beach. It is nice out warm with a breeze. 


Mari Borrego said...

What a nice place to enjoy some lunch! I miss the sandy beaches and the palapas and of course can’t forget the delicious RITAS!!! As mentioned before safe travels. I have enjoyed all your blogs.


Carol and Bill said...

thank you. it is nice here, but got really cold last night.

Contessa said...

THANK YOU!!!!!! Your attention to detail is very much appreciated not to mention your time in sharing this with us.

Carol and Bill said...

you are welcome, sounds like you are having a fun time the last few weeks.