Sunday, October 28, 2018

Been a bumpy trip so far

Saturday already. When we got here Thursday we discovered the leveling jacks would not go down. Luckily first thing Friday morning we spied a Mobile RV Service truck at the RV next to us. Bill went out and talked to him and he came over and checked out our problem, bigger than we thought. The jack motor shorted out, need a new one. Company that made them is barely still in business and the motors are hard to come by. But Tech is pretty sure he can get one by Wednesday. [We are/were planning on leaving Thursday] So we’ll see. 
RV Park has been having some problems too, A big storm last week shorted out the electricity on one who line of sites – where we usually park. They hope to have it fixed in a week. When we got here their credit card machine wasn’t working – today it still isn’t working so I gave them a check for a week. Also today right now we have no water, plumbing being fixed – soon I hope.
And then there is the Dish TV. Problems the whole time we were in Quartzsite, Many calls to Dish TV. Finally had the people from Satellite Advantage a big RV satellite dealer/installer there come over. There guy was here that day for 3 ½ hours. They also had to take the receiver and format and reload it. It finally started working. All this time I am learning a lot of “How to maybe fix it things.” The next morning the TV worked for a bit, we shut it off to go out. When we came home it wouldn’t work again. Tech back again. Final consensus was our dome was not compatible with the receiver. So we got a new satellite dome. Powered up and worked great. The company did not charge us for the installation of the dome, just the price of the dome. Nice of them. I’d also got a hold of the lady at Dish customer service that I’ve been dealing with and she has given us a $100 credit. Better than a swift kick in the @$$.
Got to Amado TV came right up. Again shut it off and of course it wouldn’t come back on. Walled the tech who installed the dome and he walked me through resetting everything. Okay all was well.
Well this morning, TV came on fine, changed channel and BAM black screen, no signal. I went through resetting – didn’t work. Called Dish TV Tech. Walked me through a couple of other screens. We could only make the dome connect to 2 of the 3 satellites Dish uses but at least the TV is working again. And the important channels are working. Now I’m afraid to turn it off and change channels. What a disaster. Maybe my new job will be tech support for Dish.  (Yesterday afternoon it continued to work fine and this morning it came on right away - hope it keeps working, a soccer game and raced today.)
After getting here Thursday we went out for dinner going to the Cow Palace which is just across the freeway. Discovered it got damaged during the big storm. Wall of water 4 feet high went through it. Guess they’ll be closed for a while.
So we’ve gone to Green Valley a couple of times. This lady works at the Denny‘s there. Her name is Addie and she just celebrated her 90th birthday. She has been working there for as long as we’ve been coming here. Every year we wonder …Here is more about her from five years ago.  Scroll down.
Stopped at one of the shopping areas and discovered an art show going on. Some nice stuff there.
Love this guys work, it is mostly done on large pieces of wood and the colors are amazing. 
 Here he is working on a piece.
 Love this. I have the star pattern but have never made it. Lots of little pieces. This might encourage me to try it when we get home. 
This was at the True Value store, isn’t he pretty? Looking at it here I wish I'd checked the price - would look good on our patio.
Also some entertainment going on. Wish there wasn’t so much background noise. Haven’t heard any one yodel for years.

My little plant is making the trip with us. He sure is growing.
See the flash light there in the little box on the wall. Bill built the box to hold it ‘cause when I get up early in the morning and don’t want to turn the lights on 'cause he is still asleep I need the flashlight to see the buttons on the microwave. Handy.
Whoops -  just figured out we left some food at home. I remember putting it in a bag to bring out and it isn’t here. Sure hope we left it in the refrigerator and not sitting on a counter somewhere. Lunch meat, bacon and cheese …
Well Barcelona won El Classico 5 to 1. Seemed funny to watch El Classico without Ronaldo or Messi. Messi has a broken arm and Ronaldo now plays for an Italian team. 
The #18 came in 4th in todays race - a good day. Exciting ending to race. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Sounds like our trip south to phoenix. Truck overheated, then had a coolant leak ($2200 repair) and then our tank sewer valve crapped (to be repaired upon return.) Eric changed our jack motor this summer because it was sounding tired...never a dull moment. Good luck!

Carol and Bill said...

And today was even more fun.