Thursday, October 11, 2018

We have Dish TV working.

I'll go into the title in a bit. Just wanted to share the last of our Halloween decorations. I did these with my embroidery machine. It is so fun to use. I make up reasons to use it - like these hangings for the patio door. 
 On our way to the store the other day we stopped at an auto restoration place. They had so many beautiful old autos. Good thing we don't have money to throw away. This is called a delivery van. Kind of a station wagon without back windows. It was yummy. The paint was perfect. Like brushed aluminum.
An old Cadillac. Perfect inside and out. Years ago we had one just like it and the hood came up while driving down the freeway.  Exciting to say the least. Bill managed to pull off and tie it down for the rest of the way home. All the air planes are old radio control planes that are just on display now.
 So we continue to check things off the list getting ready for our trip south.
This doesn't have anything to do with the trip but it finally got checked off the list. Our Dish TV is all up and running. Dish sent me a survey - I filled it out. This is when I was extremely unhappy with Dish. And I made my feelings known. The next day I got an email from customer service representative Laura H. She was wonderful - Dish should give her a blue ribbon. We now have a new Hopper with Sling. It gets on the internet and we can talk to it. Also with the Sling feature IF we have decent Internet in Mexico I should be able to watch TV from our house. Laura H. talking me through setting up the Hopper and getting it activated. 
She went above and beyond anything I expected.
So we are now happy Dish customers. And IF I can get it set up to work in MX ...It will go from our receiver at home to an app on our Android tablet that we can connect to our Mexican Internet and we'll be able to watch the important things - soccer and racing. I hope. Today I got it so I could watch live TV on my android phone.
It will be a challenge - we'll see who wins.


Mark said...

I wish that I had your patience. Trying to get my gas and water bill sent by email each month, have tried twice and ran out of patience. Going to try 1 more time and then if not successful then I will throw in the towel.

Carol and Bill said...

it really isn't patience after a bit - it is pure determination.