Thursday, October 18, 2018

So much to do

We are starting to get ready for our annual sojourn to Mexico for the winter. A few of the items on the Things To Do List have been crossed off. A long time ago I learned to actually make a comprehensive list and put it in the computer. I have added and subtracted to it through the years. But so much of it has to be left to the last day or two when we load the RV. I WANT TO CROSS THINGS OFF- NOW...The list includes everything from copies of paper work we need to putting the trash out.
We brought the RV over to the house yesterday. Made sure the Dish TV set up works. And tried getting the bedroom TV to work on antenna, Didn't seem to pick up very much, might buy one of those TV Stick antennas for it.
Bill made a bunch of chicken milinesa for the freezer - always good for quick sandwiches. And today we'll finish making the empanadas, got more dough yesterday.
Had the pest control people come by this morning, treated inside and out. Sure don't want any more creepy crawlies in bed with me. They will continue to spray the outside over the winter. Also got our account set up for auto billing. One less thing to think about while we're gone. 
Took a trip to Sam's Club this morning to pick up a few things. And then to the WalMart next door. This is not the WalMart we usually go to. I needed something in cosmetics - of course it was in a locked case. Finally found the person with the key. She removed the item I wanted and then asked, "Are you done shopping?" What? "No" I replied as I reached for my item. She hugged it to her chest and told me, "I will take this to register 13, when you are done shopping check out at that register." "Why not give it to me now?"  
"Can't, it will be at register 13," and she left with it. What the heck? So we continued shopping, next item was spray paint. We knew it would be behind a locked case so rang bell for service. Waited a while. Girl shows up,"What do you need?" We pointed at the spray paint color we wanted. She took it out of the case and asked, "Are you done shopping?" "No." "Okay I'll take it to a register." "Wait - you can't give it to us?" Shook her head no. "Okay - then please take it to register 13 as we have to pick something else up there." And off she went with our paint. Wow - surreal experience. Don't know if it was the neighborhood or if all WalMarts will soon be doing this. Haven't bought any cosmetics or spray paint for a while. Luckily register 13 did not have a long line. Told the clerk what my items were, she found them right away and soon we were checked out. 
Got home and finished making the empanadas, another three dozen. Ate the last of the corned beef etc. for lunch. 
Getting information transferred to my laptop and setting it up for the trip. Also took all the stuff off the patio and locked it away. 
Check, check, check..


Barb said...

I have gotten spray paint from WM but they let me put it in my cart. Never had makeup behind a glass door, altho some stores have their hair clippers and trimmers behind glass. Must be a precaution based on theft in that particular area since they don't all do it.

Carol and Bill said...

It was a surprise, but like I mentioned it was not in a "better" neighborhood. In fact earlier this year there was an armed robbery there. We usually stay away from it, but because we were there....