Friday, October 26, 2018

Desert drive.searching for Intaglio!

We are now in Amado , AZ got here yesterday in early afternoon. Did 287 miles, too many for my old back. Staying at Mountain View RV as usual. Road was good and weather was good, for once no wind. Only stopped for gas. I took a nap when we got here and later we went out for dinner. Went to other side of freeway to the Cow Palace only to find it closed. A couple days ago there was a terrible rain storm and a flash flood came through that area - 4 to 6 feet high. Made a mess of the restaurant. 
My next blog will be about our ongoing problem with the Dish TV.Ready to either cry or take a hammer to it.
Also for some reason our jacks on the RV quit working. Have a repair man here but he is saying he cant find the part here in AZ. But will try. We'll be here a week. Maybe we should turn around and go home. 
Just to do some catching up. Sandy, I doubt very much if you'll be able to find empanada dough made from corn. Tortillas yes but not the dough. I don't think it would hold together.
Barb - can't believe they have a Utube video on how to make oatmeal box cradles. Can no one think for themselves anymore??

Thursday we took a little field trip in the morning. We were going to Bouse and to try to find the Quartzsite Rock Alignment and the Intaglios. I had a small brochure and the lady at the campground told me, “You’ll see the rocks.” So out we went up the highway towards Parker for about 5 ½ miles then a turn on to Plomosa Road. According to the brochure it was about 6 miles to the rock alignments. The lady also told me “You’ll see the fences.” I did see some pieces of wood that looked like it might have been a fence but ignored it. Next thing I knew we passed a marker that said 7 miles. Whoops – guess we missed it. But I kept looking and Bill kept driving. Pretty nice road. No traffic.
Oh well, some change in the road. Lots of dips, luckily no water in them but looks like there was flooding not to long ago.
Just some pretty desert scenery on the way.

I wrote about Bouse in the last blog. Now we were on our way back to look for the geoglyph of a person spearing fish. We stopped to read this sign. There was a road leading back towards the pass, but we didn’t take it.
On we go. Pass the 7 mile sign. Really watching the desert now. Looking for anything that looked like a fence.
We found some fencing. Only the corners of the fence showed from the road. They were connected with barbed wire which could not be seen. So we pulled off. Looking over the fence not much to see.
Some letters made of rocks. Something behind the letters and another couple of lines of rocks.
So Bill got out his drone to get a better look. This is what we were supposed to see

The problem with the drones you use a tablet to look at to see what the drone is seeing. On a bright sunny day it is almost impossible to see the screen on the tablet.
So here is the video the blog took.

Then I saw some fences? In the distance and we went to investigate them driving out a dirt road. . Couldn’t see what was there.
So here is what we were looking for at this site.
“Rocks laid out in the desert for airplanes to see, spelling out Quartzsite and forming an arrow pointing the way.”
I continued reading the brochure and it said, “1.3 miles farther up the road you come to a scenic view parking sign. Follow the path up the hill to see the Intaglios.”
Yep, found the view area and saw the road/path leading into the desert. Away I went. This is what I saw. Some more fence corners and barbed wire and a plaque I couldn’t read. And what looked like tire tracks in the dirt.

Then I heard the Jeep, Bill was coming to look for me.
A video of the road to the Intaglio.

Couldn't convince Bill to take out the drone again, so no idea if we were in the right place or not. 
The Fisherman is a 30-foot long intaglio of a person spearing fish. The age and origin are unknown.  Here is a link to see it.


SandyM said...

Thanks Carol, feel sure you are right on that the corn dough would not hold together. I want to try the empanadas as a dessert with cherry pie filling - would have to "vent" them a little - at Thanksgiving along with the pumpkin pie.

Carol and Bill said...

I was thinking about apple pie filling, still have a dozen of the dough left!

Tom said...

Lets do breakfast at Denny's, let me know a good time and day for you, if you have time.

Carol and Bill said...

that sounds good to us, how is Tuesday about 9:00.
tomorrow were going to km21 and hopefully Wednesday we'll get our jacks fixed.

Tom said...

See you Tuesday.

DesertRick said...

What you're seeing in the drone video with the rocks is an army encampment for Co G during the 1964 Exercise Desert Strike. There's lots of these in the surrounding area. The tracks are most likely from a M114 Command and Reconnaissance Carrier vehicle based on the track width.