Monday, October 22, 2018

Interesting day on the road.

We did finally manage to get on the road. When we got up and were listening to the weather report there was a flash flood warning in effect for the 95 – the road we take south until after 10:30 a.m. So Bill went back to bed and I read. Eventually we got everything loaded and left.
We got quite a bit of rain overnight too.
Of course, we stopped for breakfast before really getting on the road.
Taking the new bypass that goes around Boulder City. The GPS was a little excited about us off roading. Good thing I have it on mute.
Once on the 95 we passed a couple of big solar farms. Sure are ugly.
And then miles of these cones, not a worker or bit of construction in sight. Maybe the cones are migrating south.
Some real pretty blue sky with building white clouds over the mountains west of us in California.
The last cone at the Nevada/California state line. Highway goes from divided four lane to two lane once in California.
And lots of roller coaster dips.
 Remember the weather forecast for flash floods! Over one dip into the next and it had over a foot of rushing brown water in it. Not enough time to get slowed down a lot. What a mess it made on the RV and poor Jeep.  
Just some of it on the rear bumper of the RV.
And on the sides.
Bill had spent half of yesterday cleaning and waxing both vehicles. Then this morning had to wipe them down again because of overnight rain sometimes you just can't win. 
More pretty scenery – much greener than usual this time of year.
This guy passed ups An Attitude trailer. Like the saying on the bottom of it.

Into Arizona.
Always liked this part of the Colorado River.
Stopped at a Pilot Truck stop, unleaded for $2.83 and we really needed it. Our 50 gallon tank took 48+ gallons. Cutting it too close. We only got 248 miles at 5.0 mpg on that tank. Either a lot of fuel evaporated during the summer or someone helped themselves to our gas. Bill is going to get a locking cap now.
We are in Quartzsite, AZ at the Shady Lane RV park. For some reason my laptop will not connect to their WiFi – glad we have our Verizon Jetpack to go on line with. Both Bill’s laptop and our Verizon phone can connect to their wife.  And more problems with Dish TV. We got parked and turned it on, after a couple of minutes it came on fine. Watched a game and then turned TV off. Have not been able to pick up a signal since then. It is pretty overcast out – but…We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Going to stay here for at least another day.
We are watching the weather and news closely. Between Willa the hurricane heading right towards Mazatlan and the flood of migrants. A few of our plans might change. 


Mark said...

Looking very much forward to keeping up with your travels in your blog. Really enjoy as I'm certain many many others do as well. Fingers crossed that the damage is minimal in Mexico due too Willa. Safe travels my friends. See you soon, but not soon enough.

Grandma on the Road said...
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Grandma on the Road said...

Drive slowly so you miss the hurricane and other tropical storms!

Carol and Bill said...

seems like the worst of it missed Maz. We have friends there now so will hopefully find out more ater.

Carol and Bill said...

we are spending at least another week in the states.