Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Things are getting better

With nothing better to do yesterday while waiting for the Jeep to get fixed we took a little walk in the desert next to the campground. Sure lots of different little flowers blooming out there this year. Everything is so green.

It was cloudy and overcast the whole day yesterday. Weird streaky clouds. There must have been a fire in this area some years back. Lots of burned dead trees. 
Just wasting time walking around. 
Different kinds of cacti growing here in the RV park.  
Done video of desert around the Mountain View RV park. It is right next door to De Anza RV Resort - Quite a difference in price. Most of the back row of Mountain View is empty as there is no electricity to the site because of the storm a week or so ago. We are 22 miles from the Mexican border. 

The mechanic called and told us the Jeep was fixed and he'd bring it back to us at 4:15. Right on the dot of 4:15 he pulled up. Bill took him back to his shop where the mechanic showed him what was replaced and explained what had been wrong. The Crank Sensor had become all gummed up over the years. Now replaced - total bill $160. I highly recommend his shop if you ever need service here in Amado, AZ. It is named Luna's. 
Bill says he can feel the difference in power in Willie now. Sure glad the problem waited to happen when we got back into the US - and not while we were wandering around the Periferico Oriente
To celebrate we went out to dinner - well actually to try out the car and go to WalMart one last time. But any way we back to same restaurant and I had the turkey dinner again - it was delicious! So glad I ordered it. 
Our Dish TV continues to keep working and I've been able to watch the local Vegas channels on my laptop from our Hopper with sling that is at home. Just hope it works in Mexico. Still three NASCAR races to go that I want to see. 
Going to sort though all our paperwork so if asked for anything I know where it is. I especially want the paperwork from last year showing the import duties we paid on the drones. It is supposed to be a one time thing and good for every year. Also need to dig out our leftover Pesos for the toll road. 
Made one last trip to WalMart and a late lunch/early dinner at Denny's. Had steak, yum and brought home a piece of pumpkin pie. 
Mechanic is supposed to be here any minute to hopefully fix the leveling jacks. 8:20 and the jacks are working. And it is 50 degrees out. Brrr...
So guess we will be on road tomorrow early. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Yikes - that is quite a bit in a few days. Never a dull moment with you two!! Well, you make your run for the border and I'll make my run for work (yuck...). I'll be thinking about you both. Don't do anything silly and keep your eyes on Bill. Tell him I will be expecting crepes when we meet up again!! Love to you both! <3

Carol and Bill said...

We are in San Carlos now. Another trying day = or maybe I just get agitated easily.
Need a welder for tow bar on jeep thanks to a TOPE in Hermosillo that neither of us saw.
staying here for a week or until my nerves settle.