Thursday, November 1, 2018

Hola from San Carlos, MX

After parking and getting set up we headed to La Palapa restaurant on the beach for lunch. Eat your hearts out!
It was not an easy day for the driver though. He needed a beach fix.
We left the campground around 7:30.

Our first stop was just down the highway at the Pilot to fill the RV and the Jeep at $2.65 a gallon. Compared to around 3.90 a gallon in Mexico. We left the gas station at 8:15. Crossing at the U.S. section. We take the TRUCKS lane. The car lanes make sharp right and left turns. 
The truck lane just smoothly tools around the buildings. 
 Be sure to follow the MEXICO sign. Around to the right. 
 Into Mexico. No one looked at us, didn't see anyone. 
Up the hill and through the first toll both. 207 Pesos for RV and car. The pictures don't look very good, it was an overcast day and the front windshield has a slight tint to it. Be sure to stay to the LEFT of the orange barrier. It always unnerves me, I feel like we are in the incoming traffic lane. It is very narrow. 
 It leads you right up to the Mexican Aduana - customs inspection. Keep going straight where it gets really narrow. 
 If you are in an RV go through the lane between the last orange cone on the right and the bus. It says empty vehicles. You will not be able to get through the car lanes, too many sharp turns. An inspector will come out and stand in front of you and wave you down. We were told to pull up to the curb in front and to the left of us. OH, OH! This is where Bill got charged import duties on his drones last year. This year we had all the paper work with us to prove we'd already paid the fees. 
 Stopped at the curb. This time he only wanted to see the original registration papers on both vehicles. He did come inside the RV and just looked back and forth. Then we were on our way. Every time we've been stopped there they want to see the registrations. So keep the originals handy. You need them at Km 21 anyway.
Left there and were into a detour already. Watch the cones closely. 
 All traffic on brand new concrete south bound lanes. 
 DO NOT GO up the hill. Stay on the main road. This is right before Km21. The car in front of us wasn't sure what he should do. 
Here is Km21. Watch for the blue sign and tall pole. I'm sure glad we got our paperwork done the other day. Notice all the RVs lined up. Looks like a caravan of about 12-15. 
 Some pretty flowers for sale along the road. Also vibradores coming up. See the sign with the three bumps on it. Slow down. If you happen to see a Pemex in the distance slow down there will be vibradores near it. They will shake your fillings loose.  
 I guess this was supposed to be a speed bump.  This one has been scattered all around. Where the car is off to the left there was another one and it was effective. 
 He was very impatient. Tried to pass several times on curves and hills. Was glad when he made it and was long gone. 
 Watch out for desviacions - detours. Usually changing from lane to lane. A lot of them where the road is still under construction. Most of the time we were on really nice concrete.
 A few stretches of asphalt too, but usually in good shape. 
 Just before the Magdalena toll booth. Yes it was open.
Interesting road divider. Saw it a lot. Some of them were stacked and sprayed red. 
 It will be a really nice highway when it is done. Maybe by the time we go home. 
 The toll booth just before Hermosillo was closed. Just asking for a donation. I am including this turtle to remind everyone to GO SLOW through Hermosillo. We hit a tope [speed bump] that we didn't see. Did some damage to the Jeep. I thought everything was coming apart.  There was no sign and no marking of any kind. 
 And the road through Hermosillo is a mess. Not pot holes, craters. Drive slowly and good luck missing them. 
This is what happened to the Jeep's tow bar. It is supposed to be straight up and down, not leaning out. Welder will be here next Tuesday to fix it. Thank goodness the actual towing mechanism didn't break or bend.
Other than that uneventful trip. 284 miles took us about 5 1/2 hours. Right now just enjoying the quiet. No road noise no TV. I can get the Dish TV from our home set on my laptop here in Mexico. Using wifi connection. And our Verizon phone is working fine here. 


SandyM said...

Aw, that beach scene. Will be interesting if you notice more RV travel in Mexico this trip. RV's everywhere and campsites are at a premium.

Carol and Bill said...

There are quite a few RVs here - but I think a couple of groups are caravans moving south.

Contessa said...

Sorry about the tow bar damage. I thought they were fixing the Hermosillo Roads. Great that you got thru that checkpoint before KM 21 with no issues.

Now that you mention it I knew that there was a caravan, actually two going thru the beginning of November. Sorry I just never thought to mention it. Not into my Mexico travel zone yet.