Friday, November 16, 2018

Paradise almost lost

All kinds of machine working next to and behind us. Noise and dust all over. Right now the are trenching right along the property line to build a big wall. Sure will ruin the scenery but better than the dust. They are saying they will build over 500 houses there. Bill took some great drone pictures of it but need to edit them to put them on line.
Thursday we did some errands, first one was to Home Depot to buy planting soil and pots for our plants.
Heading back to the RV Park we passed this guy. If he goes over a big bump the whole back end of his car looks like it will fall off.
Wednesday night we went across the street to Torres to have dinner with friends and listen to Raphael sing and play. Our friends Mike and Dawn dancing.
Raphael singing and playing. 
Just a clip of him playing. Some back ground noise but still ...
Mike and Dawn.
John and Shirley enjoying the food and music.
Bill planted all our plants into the plastic pots we got at home depot. My little weird cactus is enjoying being here. 
We got two big poinsettias. And two yellow hibiscus. 

The pillow I made last year. I finally some skull buttons to sew in the middle of it. 
The button sewed in the middle of the pillow. Turned out to be a chore. Didn't have a long needle so it was hard to get it through to the other side for that button. Going to redo it when we get home. 
Some times it is hard to make an ordinary day sound interesting. Like Thursday and today. We did get a nice surprise though. When we left this morning to get groceries we noticed the hibiscus were close to blooming. When we got home we had two beautiful yellow flowers, one on each plant. 
At the grocery store we got some fruit and bread for the tree. But I wonder with all the construction going on if there are any birds left in the area. Wait and see I guess. 
Raphael bringing the tree. It has been dead for a year or so and was near the front of the RV Park.
 "Planting" it.
 Just put a few things out on it to see if they come. My field of dreams I guess.
Lots of racing on for the next couple of days. Just hope the Internet is strong enough so I can watch it. 


SandyM said...

Watch the Hisbiscus for mites - almost lost one last year in Guayabitos. I started to spray it every morning with 2 parts water and one part Dawn dish soap - lost a few buds but worth the sacrifice to save the plant. The Hisbiscus blooms are so delicate and lovely - one of my favorites. Yours have a very good start - your place is really shaping up and the poinsettia plants are beautiful.

Contessa said...

You really are making you site look very cozy this year. Love the plants. Lost all of mine in the front again. Mostly because of all the salt air but also because of the palm tree roots. Trying to decided to replant in the ground or in pots.