Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Tianguis in La Noria

Every Sunday there is a Tianguis in La Noria in the central plaza. This is a new thing for them. It started about four months ago. So we decided we'd go.
What is a Tianguis you ask? Well it is kind of an open air market or bazaar - we call them flea markets or swap meets. It is held on certain market days in a town or neighborhood. In rural areas many traditional types of merchandise are sold, such as agriculture supplies, hand crafted items and local food. 
But first we had to get there. There was some kind of bicycle event going on - everyone in the state of Sinaloa who had a bicycle was on the road heading towards La Noria. Bunches and bunches of them.
We would get around one group and then come up on to another group. With the narrow road and it curves and hills it was a challenge to get safely around them. 
 The first sign for the restaurant we were going to. 
 The turn off to the restaurant as well as the distillery and the zip lines.
 After we ate - see yesterday's blog - we continued on into La Noria. No more bicycles, no idea where they went. This is a small town, about 1100 people and around 300 homes. Its's been around since 1565. It was founded because of mining in the area. Now it is known for it leather work. This is one of the leather shops. 
 Bill inside talking to the owners. Catching up on what we missed over the summer. They make sandals, purses, belts, saddles and machete sheaths. I've taken lots of pictures of this place in the past. 

 I headed for the plaza across the street. We were told the Tianguis was from 10:00 to 2:00. We got there about 10:30 - much to early. Next time we go it will be about noon. That's where it started to get busy. Vendors - mostly food - around the edges and tables to eat or rest at in the center.
 From the stage area looking towards the gazebo.
 A display of the form for saddles. The one on the left is polished. Two different types of horns. The two on the left are more traditional.
 The distillery had a display and tequila for sale.
 All kinds of food, all homemade. From dulce de leche to tamales. Lots of pastries. 
 She had some really good looking stuff. I recognized salsa and shredded beef. She was also going to make tortillas. 
 We walked back to our friends leather shop. Caught them having lunch. Roberto's wife Jessie was there. She is the manager of the distillery. 
 A trampoline for the kids. Good thing it had a net around it. A couple of boys were giving it a work out.
Hum..guess there was going to be music later. They were warming up. Sounded pretty good. 

Sitting and watching. And discussing world problems
 A set up for kids to paint little ceramic forms.
 This is also a good gathering place to talk to neighbors and friends for out of town. More and more cars and people were showing up as time passed. 
 She got a dirty look every time another older passed this bench. She finally got the hint and left.
 Starting to fill up and people beginning to eat. Lots of talking and laughter.
 I like her scarf.
 Oh, oh the rest of the band has arrived. 
 I'm not real fond of the music.
There are more members then I realized.  
It was getting hot so we left a little after noon. Next time we go we will arrive a little after noon. 
A dog getting a drink from the aqueduct.
And even more food. Looks like they are expecting a lot more people. 

Headed home. A fun and busy morning. No bicycles on the way back. 
News Break - I actually cooked dinner last night. First cooking in 33 days! Not going to be a habit.

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You certainly are keeping busy. Your site is looking very nice. Maz Weather Underground shows rain for tomorrow while Accuweather shows sunshine. I guess we will know the que pasa when we wake up.