Monday, November 26, 2018

La Martina Restaurant - road to La Noria

While still in Vegas I read about this restaurant. It is on the road to La Noria at the same turn off as the tequila distillery. Last week when we went to La Noria we stopped to check it out. And yesterday we stopped to have breakfast. So I've combined pictures from both days. Glad I took a lot of pictures the first day as it was very crowded yesterday. Take the turn off to the distillery then make a sharp left turn. Follow the dirt road past the cactus fence and bougainvilleas. 

You can see the restaurant. If going there I suggest a week day so you can really enjoy the ambiance. Also parking is limited.  
There is a chapel up on the hill to the right and a set of stairs to climb to reach it. So far we haven't gone up to it.
We were told the business is completely family owned. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. 
Beautiful piece of property. They are doing a lot of planting of fruit trees and vegetables so they can use what they grow for their menu. 
Yesterday we sat at this table outside in the rear of the restaurant. There are other eating areas, in a patio and inside as well as out back. The kitchen is to the right in the back of this picture. Love the colorful table setting. More about the table later.
All the tables are cut from one solid piece of wood - our table has a rough edge. 

Here are their menus. All recipes are supposed to be old family recipes.

We both ordered Mexican coffee called Olla. It sits in a pot and stews with cinnamon and orange peal and other things Has a slightly sweet/cinnamon flavor. They brought us regular chips and either yam or sweet potato chips, salsa and circles of very good cheese. 
Looking into the kitchen. The girl in front is making tortillas. 
Bill ordered Mexican Crepes. They came with a choice of sweets. He ordered sliced strawberries along with the marmalade. He said they were absolutely delicious. 50 Pesos.
I ordered the chocolate waffle. Came with blue berries, strawberries, a bit of cream and drizzle of chocolate sauce. Oh my goodness - outstanding. 90 Pesos  Our entire bill came to 190 Pesos. Around US$9.00
From the other day. Looking towards the kitchen. See the tables.
Looking from the back through the indoor seating to the patio and front.
Some of the indoor/patio room. 
From the back seating area, looking down on a huge yard. It can be used for events. A children's play area is being built.
Another picture looking front.
Kind of an open air patio. Everything you look at is beautiful.
Back to the kitchen area. She is making blue corn tortillas. The blue pot is the Olla coffee. Silver pot is regular coffee. Tortilla dough in the cooler.
He is making salsa.
Shaping the tortilla
Cooking on the griddle, heated by a wood fire.

Part of the herb garden next to the kitchen 

Another look down on the huge lawn.
A closer look at one of the table. The wood grain is amazing. One solid piece of wood. One of the tables even has a couple of bullets in it. 
More seating - open air. 
 The first time we were there Bill got to talk to the Head Chef, Johnny. We got a great tour and lots of history and general information about the restaurant and the family. Thank you. 
 They are forming corn husks into little scoops to hold beans.
 Johnny showed me the ladies restroom. It is dominated by a portrait of Maria Sabina. Facilities are immaculate and modern. Click here to learn more about her amazing life and times.

We highly recommend La Martina. Especially on a week day. They are open from 9 to 4. We will be going back to sample more of their menu. 


SandyM said...

That looks like a wonderful experience and have added it the list of things to see and places to eat. Thank you for this wonderful post. A must see.

Carol and Bill said...

We will probably be going there often

Kathy Tycho said...

That was a lovely tour!

Carol and Bill said...

It is a great place to visit and eat. Would be a nice bike ride.

Contessa said...

Now that is a very interesting place. Certainly worth a visit.