Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Life's little incidents.

OMG OMG  I'm so surprised it worked without any hassle I got our Dish TV working on the laptop and then I got it connected to the TV with a HDM1 cord. So now we can watch it on our regular TV here. But, of course we have t have a fairly decent Internet connection. My laptop and the TV.
Earlier in the day and for the past week I've been trying to set up a way to make a payment on a new credit card. My gosh, you would think I was trying to rob them instead of trying to pay them. One visit to office while still in Vegas. Three phone calls while in Arizona. To begin with it took them a month and a half to bill me which made me nervous and no one there knew when I'd get the bill...Anyway finally got the e-bill. No way could I set up a way to pay on-line. Three more phone calls from here in Mexico. Only answer I got was it could be set up to make minimum payments every month. No, no I wanted to pay it off every month. Hum...not sure how to do that. Finally yesterday morning I got a hold of someone who knew something. Finally after much fooling around with their mobile online banking we got it so I can make the payment using my phone. Don't know if I ever want to use the card again.
The welder showed up yesterday morning to fix the light/tow bar on the Jeep. 
 Underneath Jeep checking out what needed to be done 
 I took a couple of these through the screen door so they look a little fuzzy. Connecting big alligator clips to the welder.
 Jacking the bar up so it is in the right position.
 Had to put a piece of wood under the jack to make it high enough.

 All done. Everything level and tight again. Cost 400 Pesos  US$20.00
Didn't do anything else rest of day. Just relaxing. Today we went into Guaymas and got the Internet MiFi loaded with data - 4 GBs or 30 days. Stopped at WalMart, didn't buy anything but did get the Jeep washed while there. Poor thing still had the dirt from the California wash we went through. 
Went out to Chihuahuas for early dinner with John and Shirley. Now getting ready to get on the road tomorrow. 

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