Thursday, November 22, 2018

Colors of Mazatlan

Hope everyone had a very good Thanksgiving and lots of good food and company. 
This post will be mostly pictures some with details some without. Mostly about color everywhere here in Mexico. 
But first. We got some uninvited guests this week. Check out the side of the RV. 
Yep, it is a bee hive. Quickly got out the Home Defense and made short work of all their work. Sure glad we caught it before it got much bigger. 

We hung around RV in the morning and then went out to lunch and for a ride around town after. My lunch a Vegetarian fajita. It was very, very good. Though now my tummy is complaining about the peppers. Oh well, it is worth it. 
This is a restaurant in Cerritos area. Lots of flags.
A building downtown that has been kept up and restored. Nice color. 
 Stained glass in the Panama Restaurant. An inspiration for me to think on for when we get home. 
 Fruits and vegetables in the Central Market. A few pinatas for color.
 Again Central Market. A store selling canned, bottled and boxed foods.
 Any color dress you want. Again Central Market.
 Fruits cut and wrapped in plastic wrap. The numbers are the prices in Pesos. 20 Pesos to 1 US dollar.
 Lots of colorful signs telling what they are selling and how much it costs. 
 Starting to put up the Christmas decorations in Plaza in front of church. The big one looks like he is trying to sleep.
 A shop in the flower market. 
 A mural we passed the other day. I didn't see the surfer when I snapped the picture. 
 Colorful casino in Golden Zone.
Colorful hotels
 Tablecloths and beach toys. 
 The newly opened part of the Malecon. With colorful bike path. The post with the ring around the top is a light post. The lights are in the ring. 
No idea what this building on the Malecon is.
 A couple of hotels along Malecon
 Some private homes in a neighborhood
 Hotel above Panchos restaurant on the beach
 The bottom part of a store.
 Colorful sidewalks in the Golden Zone
Hope you enjoyed your quick colorful journey around town. 


SandyM said...

Enjoy the trip around town - great photos - sure enjoyed all of them.

Grandma on the Road said...

Love the color! It is just plain rainy and drab here in the northwest today. Could use some of your Mexican sunshine! Judy

Unknown said...

I see why you love Masatlan So much. It’s a beautiful place and I sure appreciate the pictures you post.