Sunday, November 25, 2018

Bazaar, Soccer, and Old Mexico at night

Saturday was a busy fun day. First all the drama with the tree and its roots. Knowing we would probably the actual falling down of the tree we left the campground to do some errands etc. The first being breakfast by the beach. [I haven''t cooked since we left home!] After breakfast we went up the street a ways to go to a Craft Bazaar. There were mostly Gringo vendors. Everything from sausages, sauces, candy and cookies to pictures made of cloth and one man who was painting with his fingers. Lots of jewelry. Nothing we were really interested in but fun none the less. I think they do it once a month. 

 Then to drop of laundry and to grocery store. Needed oranges for the birds! Home to watch a Barcelona soccer game using our DishAnywhere. It work great. Game ended in a tie.  
 The rest of the afternoon we relaxed as we planned on going out in the evening. And out we did. We went to the Plazuela Machado for the first time at evening this year. LOVE to go there. We went kind of early. Thought we'd take a taxi, but Bill ended up driving. The parking lot we always park in has new graffiti art in it. Too many cars already there to get good pictures. Will take them when we go there during the day sometime. But this is one of the new ones. 
 Walking towards the plazuela we were delighted to see the UGLY bank building was being torn down. It looked so out of place with all the beautiful old buildings around it. Hope they use the space to build something that goes with the area. Notice is is just getting dusk. We wanted to get there before all the people arrived. That way we could walk around some, check out the vendors and then eat and check out the rest of the vendors and then leave before all the bands started playing. 
 Entering the plaza. All the restaurants put their tables out in the street weekend nights. The vendors set up in the middle of the plaza. 
 When we left in the spring the city was working on all the old buildings. What a difference. Now there are shutters and iron balconies upstairs. Before only the downstairs was restored. 
 Because we were so early very few people were there eating yet. I took all the pictures with my camera set on regular setting, no flashes. 
 We did find out our favorite restaurant the Beach Burger/Machado Grill had closed, it used to be here.The restaurants on either side are now using the space for their tables.  We had heard it was closed but weren't sure. 
 Looking down the street across from the theater.
 Look who is here. The waiter from the Beach Burger is now working at a different restaurant. He said the restaurant closed mainly because there was so much infighting with the younger generation of the original owner. They could not agree on any thing and ultimately drove the customers away. Rent could not be met and it closed. 
 One of the vendors makes these dolls out of corn husks. They are so cute. 
 This is a popular place for wedding and 15th birthday pictures. A bride. 
 A building from the 1800's - there are three different restaurants in this picture One upstairs and two down. We ate at the one on the right. An Italian restaurant. 
 Just looking down one of the streets. All the light put in the sidewalks are now working. 
 There is a parking lot behind this wall.
 Bill talking to the attendant to find out when they are open.
 Back to the plaza to eat dinner. Getting dark now and more people showing up. 
A band setting up right between the two restaurants. 
 They played 50's and 60's rock and roll. 

 After eating we were walking through the plaza and ran into the owner of Beach Burger, Conchita. She was just out enjoying the evening. She looks great - younger than when she was working all day.  She is 81. So glad we saw her. 
 The painter who does amazing spray can painting was there. Stopped and watched him for a bit. We usually don't come here on Saturdays, but think this year we'll do it more often. A lot going on. 
  I turned around and discovered this pretty 15 year old posing for pictures. 
Continued to watch him do this picture. 
 And next to him the lady was working on a corn husk doll. 
 I told Bill he needs to wear his hat, I can't find him in the crowd without it. 
 One the way back to the car. It was only 8:00 - the plaza was just starting to fill up. There were at least five different music groups playing at different restaurants. 
 Another outdoor cafe. Driving home.
Basically a great day. And today we have another busy day planned. 


Mark said...

Well that is unfortunate that beach burger has closed. Was really looking forward to eating there when I'm there soon. Seems like lots of changes going on there. To bad what they are doing to the space beside the RV park.

Carol and Bill said...

some times progress isn't that great.