Saturday, November 3, 2018

Night lights

Last night after coming back to RV we saw lights in the sky. Light spot lights so we went to investigate. It is some kind of revolving set of light that was put at the base of a tree in the hotel lot next door. The rays from it went a long ways in the sky, but they barely showed up on a photo.
A closer look
Short video of how it looked moving. Kind of neat. No idea why it was there. We didn't hear any party going on or anything. 
Just a shot of the RV and the car at night. 
Looking out at a little island off shore. It has never been green before. I thought it was all just rock. What a difference the rain this year has made. 
 Just looking north on the beach across the street from the RV park. This is where I take my sunset pictures. 
 Walking back into the RV park. Lots of restaurants in this area. 
 And a picture of the RV and Jeep in the day time. A couple of years ago a tropical storm hit here and the water from the Gulf came up and into the RV park. The salt killed lots of the trees.
 Didn't think the sunset was going to be very pretty tonight but walked across the street to check it out. Glad I did. 

 Notice the different directions of the clouds. 

This statue is here in the RV park. 
We didn't do anything today. Except we both took naps at different times. Very quiet day. 


Contessa said...

Stunning sunset shots, especially with those clouds.

SandyM said...

Wanted to remember to wish you a happy birthday - tomorrow if memory serves. Hope you get an extra large serving of carrot cake and maybe a side of ice cream, too.
Lovely sunset photos. SandyM

Carol and Bill said...

I was worried we wouldn't have one of the nice sunsets while here as the sky has been clear.

Contessa said...

Happy Birthday Carol.

NormSusan said...

Happy Birthday Carol. Enjoy your day.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you.