Monday, November 19, 2018

El Quelite again.

Stayed home Sunday so I could watch the NASCAR race. Not the ending I would have liked to see. The #18 was just not good all day. Oh well, another year.
This morning was beautiful and we wanted to get out and about for a while. Bill suggested going out for breakfast. I thought he meant across the street. Instead we ended up picking up friends from here in the RV Park and going to El Quelite. Good thing we got an early start. We'd forgotten it was a long weekend holiday. 
Mexico’s Revolution Day (Dia de la Revolucion) is a national public holiday that celebrates a 10-year revolution that began in 1910 to end the struggle against dictator José de la Cruz Porfirio Diaz Mori. It is on the third Monday in November, near the official day on November 20.
Again we were amazed at how green the countryside is. 
Don't know what type of bird this is but he was big. Took picture while moving and he quite far away. 
A video from the dash camera of driving into El Quelite.

A little bit of traffic on the road. 
We knew it would be packed when we saw all the vendors set up. And the cars parked three blocks away. 
Every thing from tablecloths to hats and food to toys. 
Just managed to catch the end of a parade. Got out to see it in time but my battery ran out when I turned the camera on. Had to go back to purse to change it. Oh well better something rather than nothing. 
Lots of people wanting to ride the horses. 
We were back in the car with the motor running when she decided to ride the horse. It was quite a project getting her up in the saddle. The guy helping her didn't know where to push to help. I was just hoping Bill didn't blow the horn. We might have ended up with a dent in the hood. She finally got going. 
Our drive around town trying to get out. It is kind of long but you can feel every cobblestone. 

Passing the guy who puts the pork in boiling oil. Sure smells good. 
So that was how we spent the morning. Later on went to the super market for fruit and bread for the birds who are returning. 
Another day in paradise. Tomorrow errands - maybe. 

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