Tuesday, November 20, 2018

A fun day in and around La Noria

Another fun day visiting old friends and enjoying Mexican small town life. Thought I'd put in a map so you get an idea of where we've been. The green number 1 is where the RV Park is. On the map the 15D is the main toll highway from Nogales south. The 15 is the free road. It passes through a lot of little towns. The other day we went to El Quelite the red circle #2. About 25 miles from the RV Park. Today we went to La Noria the blue circle #3, about 20 miles inland. 
 First we went out to breakfast then filled the Jeep with gas. Cost about US$ 3.73 a gallon for unleaded. 
 Out on the free road heading to La Noria.
 Every thing is SO GREEN this year. Have never seen so much growth along the highways. 
 The fighting cock ranch has grown a lot over the years.
 Passing a traveling nursery on its way to La Noria.
A video of the trip out. Just before La Noria we were pulled over - well motioned to stop - by the Federal Police! Of course we stopped. One of the police walked over to Bill's window and asked where we were going. Bill told him La Noria. He said have a good day. All in excellent English and we were on our way again. The stop is in real time in the video. The video runs until we park across the street from our friend Roberto's leather shop. 

 One of the first buildings in La Noria. 

Roberto's shop is in this building you can see the open doorway behind the stop sign. The aqueduct that has no water in it has been painted since spring. 
A closer look at the dry aqueduct. Every once in a while it is working with water running in it. It is basically just a fountain. 
Hum...Looks like Roberto's shop has been painted and re arranged too. Bill and Roberto catching up what has happened since we left in the Spring. 
 One of the saddles Roberto makes as special orders.  
 Across the street is the Civil Registry. Where births, deaths and marriages are recorded. I like the color of it. 

The owners of the building have decided to build a small hotel and big restaurant over the leather shop - the beige part. The kind of rust colored building next to the leather shop is empty. The hotel/restaurant will cover a whole block. 

On Sundays there is a Tianguis - kind of a flea market/swap meet in the plaza. I walked over there because I could hear music and voices.
There was dance practice going on. 

I was watching from this pretty little gazebo. 

Getting in the car and leaving La Noria. To leave we drive a circle around the town. We were parked at the red X. It is not a very big town.

This is the museum I'm talking about. 
And we headed on down the road to another neat discovery. More about it later. 
Got back to Mazatlan and discovered the wind was blowing hard. One of our Poinsettias had blown over and a couple of tie downs for the awning had come loose. Finally settled down by dark. 

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Thank you for the maps. I love seeing where you've been.