Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Typical day for us in Mazatlan

The work next to and behind us continues full blast. Today lots of noise and dust flying. So we decided to go into Centro.
But first I have to tell on myself. See the little black and yellow bird sitting on the blue bucket next to the utility pole. I saw him and said to Bill, "Maybe we should put a bowl of water out for the birds. He is sitting on the bucket." Bill looked at me like I was crazy. 
Then I took a closer look - no wonder. I was looking at the nozzle on the hose. Oh well...
While leaving the park we saw the auto painter Jamie, of course Bill had to stop him and talk to him. Guess we are going to get the Rhino lining part of the Jeep renewed. The fenders and bumpers etc. So we'll be without a car for Dec 1 & 2nd. Which is kind of okay because that is when the big marathon is here and half the roads will be closed. 
Don't know if I mentioned it or not but one lane the southbound lane, of the Malecon opened a couple of days ago. So we took it towards Centro. The other side is supposed to be open Nov 27th. The concrete is supposed to last for 60 years!
It looks good with the wide sidewalks and bicycle lane. 
Oops guess it isn't opened the whole way yet. Just follow the traffic in front of us. 
And we ended up going pass the Shrimp Ladies. All the shrimp you want for sale here. 
The Shrimp Ladies (Las Changueras) in Mazatlán are a bunch of (mainly) women who sell fresh shrimp on a street.  Everybody in Mazatlán knows that the place to buy your fresh shrimp is from the Shrimp ladies!  Mazatlán is famous for it's shrimp because it has the largest shrimp fishing fleet on the west coast of Mexico.  The shrimp ladies get their shrimp directly from the boats!  They have a large selection of sizes of shrimp that they sell to the public by the kilogram for a reasonable price!  
There is a really interesting article about how they got started. To read it click here
Right downtown they are building a three story parking garage. When we left in the spring it was an empty lot. Check out the three guys carrying the long pieces of rebar. Watched them come up the side street and turn the corner to get it here. The lead guy was chanting a cadence for them as they came around the corner. 
We passed as we were on our way to the bakery to get Cinnamon Rolls. My mouth was watering thinking of them. YUM! Hum...they look different from last time we bought them. 
This is how they looked last time we bought some in March.  Bought some anyway. When we got home I ate one. NOT THE SAME AT ALL. Not only do they look different they taste different. Not as good as they were. Probably won't buy any more this year. Wonder why the change???
More of the pastries in the bakery. 
Then back to the parking lot to drop off the rolls we bought instead of carrying them around doing errands. Bill always buys extra rolls - one for the parking lot manager and one for the guy that parks and washes our car. Always a lot of fun and joking there. 
Our next stop was Panama Restaurant for breakfast. It was really busy. 
They have a fruit plate cart that comes to your table. Looks good. 
They also have a big pastry cart that comes to the tables. Lots of good stuff there too. No we didn't have any.

Then on to TelMex the Internet place because they sent us a bill - yes we got a bill at the RV Park. But we'd already paid the amount on the bill...After some checking, yes, the bill was paid, we had a credit balance. 
Then we went to the Central Market to get some fruit. Noticed that the floors have been replaced. No more uneven and cracked tile. 
We have been going to one clothing store in the market for years. I get a lot of my blouses there. The gentleman with Bill is the owner. Don't remember how it got started but Bill always buys him a pastry before we go to see him. Last winter we didn't see much of him as he was quite ill. Bill still bought the pastry and sent it home with his daughter. It was good to see him this year. Lots of hugging.
The floors on the other side of the huge market are in the process of being replaced. Watch your footing. 
Down the street to our next errand. She is doing a brisk business selling shrimp on the sidewalk. 
Have a hole in the road. When we came this way in the car I wondered why the orange blockade was there. 
Picking up Bill's glasses and leaving two more. I know it is blurry - it isn't your eyes. Bill got new lenses in six pairs of glasses. Total cost US$90. All were put in Bill's old frames. 
Heading towards home somehow we ended up passing the flower market. 
Then we took the newly repaved road that runs along the lagoon. Everything in this area has been really cleaned up. They are making a big Central Park here. 

Here is how the park is supposed to turn out. An article about it is here.
It is a joke driving here in Mazatlan with all the pot holes in the road. The new mayor is trying to do something about it. He has 10 people whose only job is to go around town and document pot holes so they can be fixed. Click here to read about it. Ambitious project.
Well look here it must be working. 
And then we were home. Hope I'm not boring you with our daily life.


Mark said...

Well that is disappointing to hear about the Cinnamon buns, was really looking forward to buying some. Oh well such as life.

C said...

Boring? Not at all ..I'm a long time reader...I look forward to reading your posts and if you go to Mazatlan again next year..I plan on staying at Las Jaibas and getting to meet you.

NormSusan said...

I love your posts too, don't ever stop!!

Carol and Bill said...

I was very disappointed when I ate it. Why do people change things that are already great?

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you - hope we get to meet.

SandyM said...

You had a great day thanks for taking us along. Yes, please put out some water for the birdies - you may get more "new" birds.

Carol and Bill said...

Do you think the black and yellow plastic one will drink. I sure felt silly after taking a good look.

Carol and Bill said...

I enjoy sharing the real Mexico with the people who think we are taking our lives in our hands when we come here.
What a disservice the US press does to this country.