Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Not bad for an old broad.

Not bad for an old broad
I am now 80 kind of one of those milestone birthdays. I feel that it is largely luck to make this age. To be 80 and reasonably healthy with peace of mind is even luckier. To be in my 80th year, be healthy and active, and not lonely makes me feel so lucky that I want to enjoy every moment. So, what is it like to be in my eighties? So far it is really not much different from being any age.
But enough of that - after a lot of age is in the mind and attitude.
I haven't posted because we haven't been doing anything to post about. Sunday - my birthday - we stayed in most of the day and I watched the NASCAR race using my Dish Anywhere which actually worked. Even with a weak Internet signal. Hooray.
We did go out to dinner with our friends, John and Shirley, to the little Italian place just down the street form the RV park.
Yesterday, Monday, we went to visit our friends who live here in San Carlos. Went to the grocery store and spent the rest of the day home. I'm reading a series of mystery books by Tobe Neal about a woman police detective in Hawaii the Lei Crime series.
This morning we went out to breakfast to The Turquoise restaurant again. It too is a short walk from the RV Park. 
The view from our table. 
This time I remembered to take a picture of the meals. Bill got his eggs Over Hard this time instead of Hard Boiled. 
 And I got fruit with my scrambled eggs with ham instead of beans. 
We are now waiting for the welder to show up and fix the Jeep and the key maker to get to his shop to get a copy of the key for the locking gas cap. 
Tomorrow we plan on going into Guaymas to get our Mexican traveling Internet MiFi working. 
So that is what we haven't been doing. 


Mark said...

Happy Birthday Carol. I can only hope is when I'm 80 that I would be as mobile as you two.

Janet said...

Not bad is right! Belated Happy Birthday!

Janet said...

Have they done anything to the old RV Park next door?

Evie said...

What is a "Mexican traveling Internet MiFi "?

Evie said...

And where in Guaymas do you get one?

Carol and Bill said...

according to a post i read today they were cutting down some of the big trees there.

Carol and Bill said...

At the main TelCel office. But as of a couple of years ago they don't sell them any more. We will be paying to have data added to an old one. It is the same thing as Verizons MiFi or Jetpack.

Kathy Tycho said...

Happy Birthday...keep on keeping on! In