Thursday, November 29, 2018

Visits from the auto mechanics.

We've had two days, Monday and Tuesday, of staying more or less home. Had the oil and filters changed on both Jeep and RV. Also an extra battery installed in the RV and the wiring for Bill's silly horn in the Jeep fixed. 
And surprise surprise it is raining here. Been raining since about 3:00. At times heavy. Made it a lot cooler but really humid sticky. Forecast for today, Wednesday, is 40% rain too. And it sure looks like it. 8:00 a.m. and it is still almost dark out. 
A couple of the pretty birds that are starting to show up. But unless I sit out there the darn Grackles show up and strip every thing including the peels of the oranges. 

 Our garden continues to grow. All the bougainvilleas now have color on them. We have two of the deep pink, one a pale pink/white and the other a beautiful salmon color. Hibiscus still have lots of buds on them. 
 The salmon colored one. 

Our home away from home. The dead tree is the bread/fruit tree. 
 Had an interesting sunset the other night. Not too much color but lots of texture.  
 Pablo, the mechanic changing the oil and filter in the Jeep. We bring the oil and filters with us. 
 Think he was on the phone here, but wanted the picture of our banana plant. It is growing like a weed.  
 His helper, Jamie, changing oil on the RV. It is nice to have them come to us when something needs to be done. 
 Work continues next door. At least they are putting up a screening material on the chain link fence. Hopefully it will help keep some of the dust down. 

But it does block our view of what is going on.  We can now just hear the machinery, not see what it is doing. 
 The other side of the fence. Finally got the big root out and moved. Now beginning to trench for the retaining wall. 
Unless it clears up a lot we'll probably be home most of today too. At least there is a soccer game on. 


SandyM said...

Nice up-date on what is going on around the RV Park. Interesting picture and reflection in the bumper of the RV...

Carol and Bill said...

It is getting really annoying to be here during the day. Thinking about when rent is due...