Friday, November 30, 2018

Starting to rethink the rest of the year.

Did make it out to the grocery store a couple of times this week. The Christmas trees are already for sale in Soriana.
 Had to pull the chairs under the awning. Got some really heavy rain afternoon and over night. Construction never stopped though. Kept the dust down from the construction.
 Went to breakfast after the sky started to clear up. Most of the clouds were now south of us. Notice the difference in the color of the water where the clouds were still heavy.

 Back home. They are putting the cement for the retaining wall in. This machine groans like I would think a cow in labor would sound. Loud moaning and groaning when the cement is pumping,
 Standing up on the forms guiding the cement in. 

As soon as I come inside the blackbirds take over the bread/fruit tree.
The magpie jays showed up for a few minutes, there are three of them. 
What a regal looking bird. 
Our very light pink bougainvillea is getting some color.
The first one with the bright yellow tail to show up. But it was only him/her. 
A couple of lonely pink flowers are hanging on to life. Soon they will be ripped up. 
Wow he is a big colorful one. Guess he came from the field when the machinery got over to this part. 

Starting to take down the palm trees and clean up the rubbish right behind us. Won't be long before the dump trucks and graders are here. Everything inside is so dusty but doesn't help to clean it. Just ends up the same in a few hours. 
Part of the finished retaining wall on the north side of the park. 
All these trees will soon be gone. Progress!
First he digs around the roots then pushes them over. 
Kind of a pretty sunrise this morning. 
We had a really busy day today, will share it tomorrow. Went to a new bakery!


Mark said...

Oh I want to hear about the new bakery. What do you know of one called Panama Bakery.
Something tells me that I will be enjoying some pastries soon enough.

Carol and Bill said...

Will eventually post pictures of new cinnamon rolls. They are good. But the bakery in Centro went back to the old way of making them. YUM. Panama is a restaurant and bakery, especially for cakes.

SandyM said...

Some really interesting photos - the iguana, the Magpie Jays, the moaning, groaning cement mixer.....well all of them - thanks for sharing your day

Contessa said...

You have attracted some very lovely birds and that colorful iguana. Lucky you. Eventually the noise and dust will stop. Hang in there.

Carol and Bill said...

Once they get it cleared they will start building roads and houses. Don't know if we'll stick it out or not.

Carol and Bill said...

I was glad to see the jays. We are getting a lot of other birds. Too many of the Grackles though.

Barb said...

I am surprised they are taking down all those beautiful palm trees! I assumed they were gonna stay. Too bad they couldn't dig them up and plant them somewhere else.