Thursday, November 8, 2018

The good, the bad and the ugly day

Good evening from a truck stop in Los Mochis, MX. We went out to breakfast before we got on the road. Did not need to get an early start to get the 234 miles to the truck stop. 
We left the campground and headed north to the junction of the 15D. Stopping for gas at the big station there before heading south. Getting ready to leave. Left the gas station at 10:00.
 On the 15D heading south. Nice smooth, but noisy concrete. 
 Not long before we came to a desviacion putting us on to the northbound lanes. The first of many switches from one side to the other. This one had a nice connector of asphalt.
 The toll booths in Sonora were mostly closed with someone, standing by the area where you usually pay, holding a cup for donations.
Check out the next two pictures of dummies flagging traffic. Really, they are not real. Kind of funny. 

 A desviacion that was not so smooth. Have to be careful taking them. 
 Lots of vibredores going by the road to Potam around Km58. 
 Some could be avoided, most couldn't.  
 Time to take a break for lunch I guess. Just sitting on the edge of the highway. This section of the road hasn't been redone. 
Got a little rougher. Between Potham and Vicam.
 Going through Vicam. They still have a lot of topes - speed bumps. Most are hard to see. But look for the vendors. If someone is standing in the middle of the road with something to sell there is a tope there. 
 Another way to hopefully see the next tope was a patch of lighter colored dirt/dust at the side of the road. This is a particularly nasty one. They are hard to see. 
 Getting closer to Cuidad Obregon there is a big statue of the deer man at a rest area. Start looking for the signs that say "Navojoa Cuota" the new bypass around Obregon is open the entire way now. 
 It is before the toll booth you used to go through. There are several smaller signs leading to the on ramp. Cutoa to the right!

 Take it slow, some curves and kind of narrow. 
 Really nice road. The toll booth on the Cutoa is OPEN and expensive. The girl did not see our tow car and we only got charged for the RV 301 Pesos. The auto was an additional 177 I think. 
 Getting to the end watch the signage. Obregon is to the right, Navojoa is straight. 
 Rejoining the old way through by the shrine to the Virgin up on the hill. 
The highway between Obregon and Navojoa is pretty good most of the way. But lots of fires along the roadway and lots of fields being burned out in the distance. Lots of smoke in the air. 
 We did not take the truck route around Navojoa, we went right through town. And as usual every signal was red when we got to it. Check out this bus. 
 If you've ever gone to Huatabampito on the road just south of the Soriana you won't recognize it. A whole new intersection there. And looks like that road has been repaved too. 
More to come. The section of the road between Navojoa and Los Mochis is the worst part of the road. But will leave it until tomorrow. We did 238 miles and got to the Pemex 4925 south of Los Mochis at about 3:45. Got semi set up and went up front to the Elba restaurant and had dinner. Our friends John and Shirley are traveling as far as Mazatlan with us. And there are two other RVs here in the lot. 
This video is just before the Sonora/ Sinaloa border. Will talk about it tomorrow. 10 topes - 10! two sets of 5 

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Kathy Tycho said...

Always a good road report, thanks! We are stuck in Guaymas (Playa de Cortes) with broken springs, at least the weather is good.