Sunday, November 11, 2018

Finishing up a few things.

Was finishing up the trip down stuff. We did 1282 miles to get here. A whole lot less then when we lived in Indiana. 
Bill out early before the heat stringing up the rest of his lights around the parking garage. 
 Then we had to make a grocery store run. Didn't dare take the car that far so went to market in a Pulmonia. Open air golf cart type taxi. Always fun to ride in,
After getting our groceries and Pesos we took an Uber back. First time in an Uber. When driver told us he was Uber he pointed to the blue sticker in the window. Don't know if that means he is really Uber or not. We didn't call him, he was in front of grocery store. Any way we got home fine. And the ride cost the same as the Pulmonia. 
 And here we are set up. Willie happy under his awning. A beautiful day here if it weren't for the humidity. In case you are wondering we are paying US$15.40 a day here, includes all utilities. And as soon as we can get down town we'll get our cable Internet hooked up again - we pay for it. Hopefully we'll be able to get our Dish network then.
 Went out to dinner across street. Bill had chicken fajitas. 
 And I had Avocado Mazatlan. Avocado and shrimp, yum.
A new hot tub has been added to the hotel along with new area for tour guides etc. 
 And a new palapa out on the lawn with what looks like a buffet table. 
 Bill's lights.  
Kind of blurry at the beginning but ...

Tomorrow the mechanic is supposed to be here at 10 o'clock. How could I forget - my favorite NASCAR driver will be one of the four who will be racing next week for the championship.


Dirk Digler said...

Gosh I enjoy reading your adventures each time you post. Thank you. Here in Portugal now!

Dirk Digler said...

Oh yes.... it’s great seeing Bill again doing his “ Bill” things!

Carol and Bill said...

Great to hear from you again, it's been a while. You do get around.