Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Breakfast at the beach

Oops forgot to post yesterday.
Almost perfect weather just a little less humidity and it would be perfect. We had breakfast at the beach, the Torres hotel across the street. Nice way to start a day.  
 All those windows open to let in the ocean breeze. Some really high waves yesterday. 
 A little later in the day we took a drive a ways north of the RV Park to an area called Cerritos. It is where we watch the fishermen come in with their catch. We were too late to see any boats come in, but it was pretty out there. The waves crashing over the rocks. Lots of people in the water.

 From there we went to pickup our laundry. Then to the grocery store to get a case of water and some Pesos from the ATM. Outside of the store is a nursery so we stopped to look at the plants. Ended up buying some. Need to get some cheap plastic planters for them though as the wind keeps blowing them over. [The ones we bought last year are home in the shed - duh.] An excuse to get out today. 
Watched some TV and read until time to go out to dinner with John and Shirley. We went to Panchos. This is next door at Michael's a home decorating store. 
My meal. Sirloin tips with onions, tomatoes and peppers. Very, very good. Everyone enjoyed their meal. Then took a short ride through the Golden Zone. Quite busy for a Tuesday night.  
Going out to dinner tonight with friends who live here. 


SandyM said...

It is just the greatest to have breakfast at Torres - I have really enjoyed the photos with the beautiful blue skies. And your dinner looks good, too.

Carol and Bill said...

I'm getting really spoiled with all the eating out. But it has to cool down some to cook at home.