Saturday, November 24, 2018

Watching the construction going on around us.

Thought I'd share some of the work going on around us. We pretty much just watched everything going on Friday. Stayed home all day. 
Bill took this video a couple of days ago from 400 feet. It eventually does a 360 degree look. Not only is there construction to our north and east they are also clearing land south of us.

This is looking north. They are pouring the footings for a 9 foot cement retaining wall. Then there will be 3 to 6 feet of metal fencing topping the cement. The tower belongs to the Navy and they will not move or remove it. 
 The guys down in the ditch guiding the cement.
 Lots of rebar on the bottom of the ditch.
 There are two good sized trees remaining in back of us on the other side of the campgrounds fence. The project for yesterday was to remove them. 
 Well one is already down - the little bobcat? bulldozer? is knocking them down. Or trying to. 
 We are getting some company for the bread/fruit tree. But none of the big magpie jays this year. So far anyway. Doubt they will return with all the trees and jungle gone.
 He is digging up the dirt around the remaining big tree. 
 These two guys are moving the fence, seems it is a couple feet into the property behind it. Campground took some land that wasn't theirs. 
 The base for the retaining wall. 

How it will look when it is complete. Lovely view.
 Putting the forms up to get ready for pouring the concrete. 
The footing for the retaining wall. 
The guys moving the back fence to where it should have been. About a foot more into the campground.
See the liter plastic bottle he is holding. They are using that to put the snakes and scorpions they unearth in fit. Caught one snake and three or four scorpions.
Just one of the birds that came to visit.
Lots of big dead tree pieces on this side of the fence had to be moved before the fence could be brought over.
Bill and the manager of the park, Felipe, talking while watching the fence being put back together
Still trying to get this big tree down. It can't just be pulled over as a couple of big roots come into the campground right by the plumbing and electricity lines. That could be a big Whoops.They're using machetes and iron bars to try to cut through the roots. NO way. 
Finally around 5:00 a chain saw shows up. But the guy only cut a couple pieces on the top of the roots. Refused to cut the big ones that were deeper. Said he wasn't paid to ruin his saw. And away he went.

Tree didn't come down Friday. He was there from 8 until 5:30.
Gave it another yank but it didn't move.
Watching this video you can see how much more has been cleaned out south of us. The drone video starts out looking west and pans to the south - lots of clearing going on there. And then it continues on towards the east - behind us. You can see all the dirt brought in by dump trucks. The area is being raised about 4 feet. Also a clip of the problem tree. 

Saturday morning. Wondering about all the dirt. Look how much the surface of the land has been raised. 
 The roots that need to come out. A trench for the retaining wall is supposed to be cut along the old fence on Monday. Good Luck. 
 We went out to breakfast and to run a couple of errands. When we got back the tree was down. Notice the end of the tree - no roots.
 Guess the chain saw cut the tree down but now the roots still have to be taken out. No machinery or men around it.
I'll write about today's doings tomorrow. 


SandyM said...

We enjoyed seeing the earth moving and cutting of the tree. Will they pick those roots out one by one? Amazing

Grandma on the Road said...

So, do you know what they are building in these areas? Will it ruin the campground views?

Carol and Bill said...

We've heard either houses or apartments - Once the wall is up the view is pretty much gone.

Carol and Bill said...

I hope they somehow cut then out. If they pull them out there might be a problem with the utilities here in the campground. Will be interesting to see