Sunday, October 7, 2018

Getting things done

Woops, instead of updating this blog draft I updated, somewhat, the last blog post. While doing it I was thinking "I thought I'd already written that." Yep I had. So you might want to read previous blog - it is now a little different. 
We are actually staying quite busy, getting things done - but not much to write about. 
Every morning when I look outside I'm so glad we bought this house with the desert and mountain view. So peaceful out there. Quite cloudy this morning, forecast says 20% chance of rain today and tomorrow.
We have several rogue palm trees growing in the middle of the lantana. We thought there was only one growing there, that was okay, but now it looks like there are five or six growing. Not good - some have to go. 
Bill's jasmine is growing like crazy.Pretty soon it will take over the garage door and the shed.
Remember the strange little plant I bought in Mexico last winter. It is growing like crazy, getting all kinds of new stalks.  
Yesterday I got in 9723 steps, didn't notice how close it was to 10,000 until I took the fitbit off. Have not made 10,000 since spring. Shame on me. Also yesterday we mailed the extra Dish receiver back to the tune of $32! I have an appointment to talk to a customer service representative on Monday. I am going to strongly request that be refunded to me along with the price of the unit. This whole Dish TV thing has not been a good experience.
We also went to the pharmacy to order all our medications for the winter. Will know in a day or two if that goes through without any problems. Sometimes it is smooth, other times it is a nightmare. But it always gets done.
Also scheduled final outside/inside pest control appointment. They will continue to treat the outside every two months while we are gone and email me the invoice - I hope. 
Finally cooled down enough to turn on the oven and fix a roast with potatoes and carrots last night. Tasted really good. Going to try to eat a few of the things in the freezer before we go. 
Just before I wrote this today I got an email from Direct TV with instruction on how to return the five receivers to them. Just take them to a UPS store and give them to them. No cost to me. One more thing checked off the list. 
Very cool here today mid to low 70's, Bill has on jeans. I'm loving it. Maybe we'll get some rain. Yesterday here in our area we got about 73 drops on the patio. 

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Barb said...

Can you move those palm plants to another location? They are kind of pretty!