Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Colors of clouds

Days of rain forecasts and this is all we got. Look closely to see the few drops. Just enough to to make a mess of everyone's windshields. Not practical but cute. 
We're still here so decided to put up our Halloween decorations. Made the place mats a few years ago.
Also put up the stained glass sun catchers. Again things I made a long time ago. 
While digging for the stained glass I came across this fall table runner I forgot I had. So put it out too. 
We had several days in a row with very dark skies. Took this in late afternoon as the sun was low. See the black trunk on the palm tree. At one time before we lived here it was on fire. 
I love the view out across the desert. These are the clouds that gave us our few drops of rain. Sure thought we were going to get a lot more. 

Noticed our Palo Verde tree is starting to get flowers again. I thought they only bloomed in the spring. I haven't seen any of the other ones around town with flowers on them. Guess it is confused.
Looking out back again as the sun was setting. 
A little later I happened to look out the window to the west. Oh boy, grabbed the camera and ran outside. So pretty. 

Just managed to catch it. A few minutes later it was gone.
We are still dealing with Dish TV but things are really starting to look up. Will write about it in a day or two after we get our new equipment. 
We now have blue skies and perfect weather -high 70's low 80's. And in the low 60's at night. 


SandyM said...

Goodness, the sunset pictures are spectacular - thank you for sharing.

Carol and Bill said...

Mother Nature was having a good day, I just happened to catch it.

Contessa said...

Lovely sunset shots.