Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Brides and birthday girls at the Plazuela Machado

On Saturday evening early we went again to the Plazuela Machado. Lots going on there even though we were there early - anytime before 7:00 is early. It really starts getting busy after 7 - 7:30. A bride asking some question in the Casa Canobbio restaurant. 
Looks like she found her answer. 

A fifteenth birthday girl head to gazebo for photographs. Hard to take good photos when the subject is moving and there are so many bright lights. 
A little better, she found her photographer. The gazebo was popular that night. A graduating class of engineers were there having their photos taken too.
Another bride and groom. Pretty dress. 

And yet another birthday girl with her attendants. 

We were eating at La Bohemia right in front of the gazebo. I enjoyed my meal. Pork shank in sweet and sour sauce with mashed sweet potatoes. Bill, not so much, he had Caesar Salad and said it wasn't too good. 
La Bohemia now puts there tables in front of the old closed Beach Burger area. 
I'm sorry but these are ugly. 
The spray can painter is there on Saturday nights, always fun to watch him work. You'd think his knees would give out. He is using a shot of fire to dry the paint on the finished painting.

Starting another one. He always has an audience. The little girl is fascinated. As are we. 

Something new this year for the children or adults. Clear plastic balloons with strips of light around them, also light on the wire holding them up. As I took this the vendor was also blowing bubbles into the air. 
Just some of the pretty plantings around the plaza.

Before we got to the plazuela there had been a performance at the Angela Peralta Theater. It was put on by children. It ended soon after we arrived. Many, many children dressed in different costumes. This was one of the young girls. 
We walked around some after we ate but left for home just as the bands were setting up to play. Leisure drive home along the Malecon. Another great day in Mazatlan. 
We spent the entire day Sunday home. Didn't start the car once. Read, relaxed and visited with others in the park. No noise from construction - glad they take the day off. 
Well I'm only a few days behind now. Been to the distillery to watch the grind the pinas - have to check my videos and photos.

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Barb said...

The bride doesn't look too impressed with that kiss! Lol! I have seen those paintings done in Las Vegas. They are very pretty! Love those lighted balloons!