Sunday, December 2, 2018

Drone pictures and video also the new bakery

Because we are stranded without a car I've come up with some other things to write about for a few days. 
Some pictures from the drone. The first three are several shots stitched together. 
The tall building across the street from us is basically empty. Only about 10 of the condos are occupied. They are expensive and ugly. 
Looking West of course. You can see part of the RV park in the lower right. Drone was about 300 feet.
 The area to the north of the RV park. This is where most of the dirt leveling has been going on. You can see piles of dirt waiting for the graders.
Video starts looking west at the sunset. Then pans towards the south as it continues on the quality of the picture improves. Lots of hotels and time shares along the coast. Then you can see all the land south of us that has been cleared. Clear to a condo development. It is nice and almost all occupied. Good view of the water way that comes up behind us. Private homes will be next to it. It has access to the ocean. As video continues heading east you can just see a puff of black smoke way in the background. Then the bit white building with the brown side is the Convention Center and the brown is the beautiful mosaic mural that covers the whole side.
The white truck on the road is directly behind us beyond the field that is being worked on. As it continues on you can see two places in the difference where dirt has been removed - maybe the dirt they are putting next door. If you click on the title of the video you can watch it in full screen - I think.

This is the new bakery, to us, that we went to the other day. Not too far from the campground.
 Bill buying some things he likes.
 A few of the baked goods. 
This is a log of three cinnamon rolls. We bought six rolls. Got two of these logs. The rolls are huge and very, very good. And only a few minutes ride away. They are sitting on a regular width of paper towel. 
Think we'll be going there more often. I also got a chocolate croissant but it wasn't what I was expecting. Satisfied my curiosity, don't need another one. I expected soft chocolate inside, not two strips of hard chocolate. 

The marathon was this morning - and I must confess I didn't even walk to the front to see them go by. The only day I got any steps in was the other day when we were walking around Centro and then it was only a little over 7000 steps. This needs to change. Today we are without the car - it is getting all the Rhino Lining parts redone - the fenders bumpers etc. Also checking the entire underneath to make sure no more damage from hitting tope in Hermosillo. We'll get it back either this afternoon or tomorrow. Today the street in front of us is closed due to marathon...

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