Saturday, December 8, 2018

On The Beach

Finishing up Wednesday, continuing our ride home. These are a favorite way of getting around town. They are for hire - just like taxis. We've taken  them a couple of times. But it has been a couple of years. When we took them they did not have the gate across the back. So you really had to hang on so you didn't slide right off the plastic seat into the road. Now they've taken all the fun out of it. 
You can get a pretty big group in there. This one is loaded with a family. 

He is selling peanuts in the shell.
A couple of buildings in centro not far from the central market. Wonder what it would cost to restore them?
Oh, oh, this restaurant has been closed by some branch of the government. Big sign across the front of it. 
I don't think I'd want to rent one of these apartments - at least not yet. 
See the colorful pot on the corner, that is where my big ceramic rooster used to sit. I looked at it for years before we finally bought it last year. If the pot had of been there instead we wouldn't have bought anything.
Street sweeper. They sure keep the streets clean. 
Taking home the groceries. 
Every year a large group of the RVers here in Las Jaibas get together on the beach for a Christmas picture. This year we finally made it. Although Bill isn't in the picture - he has the camera for me. The actual official picture - when everyone got settled - had 25 people in it.  
Watching the sunset.
Bill took some drone video.

More sunset, yes there are two people out in the water - one nekked as the day he was born. No photos of that after all this is a family site.

Watching for the green flash - nope there wasn't one. 
I'm getting behind here. Thursday was another busy day, well more of a busy evening. 

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