Friday, December 7, 2018

New restaurant

It is 5 to 7 a.m. and the construction machines have powered up and are growling...going to be a long day. Humidity is hovering around 80$ and there is 50% chance of rain. IF it isn't raining we are supposed to go out tonight for the lighting of the Christmas lights in the Plazuela Machado. 
But this blog goes back to Wednesday. We went to a new, to us, restaurant called Surf's Up it is a mile or two north of us right on the beach. Forgot to take a picture of their entrance arch - guess we'll have to go back. Looking at the place from the parking lot. 
Saw this in time to grab a photo. 
It is RIGHT on the beach, view from our table. 
Looking back at the front of the restaurant. 
The coffee cups are humongous! and check out the spoon. Love it. And the coffee was very good.
A couple of guys going out to get oysters. There is a net in the middle of the inner tube and they dive down to get them. Come back up and put them in the net until it is full. 

Bill/s breakfast fruit and some kind of breakfast sandwich with eggplant. tomato and other veggies.
Mine was Hazelnut, chocolate and touch of espresso French Toast. YUM. It was stuffed with a chocolate sauce.
Good sized parking lot. 
Didn't want to go home so we made a quick stop at the Euro Bakery then headed to Centro. This guy is carrying his fishing poles on his bike. Looks like he has a cooler to put his catch in. 
Reminds me of Field of Dreams - build a food stand and they will come.
The Continuity of Life Monument -They have done some work on it since Spring. The dolphins are now gray instead of peeling bronze paint. And the fountain is working. At night there are colored lights highlighting the whole thing. 
Just a couple of different views of it. Unusual for no one else to be around it.  

Still working on the sidewalks in this area.
This is the area you reach the pool from. Check out the tile. It sure makes it look wavy - but it is actually flat. Weird sensation stepping on it. Your eyes see something that isn't there. 
Drove a little further and stopped at the Carpa Olivera Swimming Pool. It is a salt water pool filled by the ocean waves. The original pool was built in 1914 but was eventually damaged by a hurricane and abandoned. A couple of years ago it was remodeled and reopened. It has a concrete slide - but you have to bring your own water up with you. Click here to see it's history and pictures of the original structure.
The ocean was very calm that day so no waves were splashing into the pool. 
Usually, well on weekends there are a lot of people swimming there. 
I just like this building, it is across the street from the pool. This is the one with all the steps. 
Olas Altas area.
Guess some remodeling is being done here. 
Got to love the colors around town. 
Passed by some old graffiti that is on a crumbling building. 

A new cantina.
Another new place in Centro.
He is selling peanuts in the shell.
Just a couple of blocks from the central market. Probably would cost a fortune to restore them.
And we continued to head home but our day wasn't done yet.


Doug and Nancy said...

Here we sit in White Rock BC and we feel like we are travelling with you, every day. Thanks for that. thanks for the effort that I know doing a blog takes. No, if I could just get Bill here to make us some of his famous crepes!!! Hugs.....

Carol and Bill said...

There is a restaurant on the way to La Noria that serves delicious crepes - Bill says better than his.

Unknown said...

I love that Mazatlan has so many interesting statues and paintings. It sounds like there’s always something to do and see. Thank you so much for sharing PS I do not know how Bill got that vehicle parked it is pretty amazing.

Contessa said...

I just recently heard good thongs about Surf's Up. Will have to try it. Always love your photos around town.

Barb said...

that french toast looks awesome!