Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Dances from Mexico by Salvation Army Children's Home

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This is  a special post.
On Friday the annual dance performance by the children from the Salvation Army Children's Home took place here at Las Jaibas RV.  There are 31 children in the home, ranging from around six years to seventeen years old. Several sets of siblings.  The Christmas performances is one way they raise money to keep the home operating. Last year they raised 400,000 - US$20,000 and it got them through the year. They also have a few benefactors who help with things. 
The first dance for some odd reason is called The Tobacco Dance.

The second dance done by four beautiful girls with glasses on their heads is another strangely named dance The Witch. They were great. This is a dance from the state of Vera Cruz.

The dance from the state of Sinaloa was called Dancing Avocados - the names sounded much better in Spanish. 

Feliz Navidad by the whole group.

Very enjoyable way to spend part of an afternoon. 
To get a lot more information about this great Children's Home click here to read Kathy's excellent blog about it. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Between us both we do a pretty good blog!

Carol and Bill said...

I figured you'd done all the work, I would share the fun! They are going to be at El Cid tomorrow afternoon, we have friends staying there, hope to get over to see them.

Erik Maurer said...

I'm glad to see the great detail here!. Sussex County NJ Dance School