Thursday, December 27, 2018

Christmas Day

As usual I am a couple of days behind. Bill has been a little under the weather since Christmas Day. The is a COLD going around the RV park and I think he got a taste of it. But not as bad as some of the others. OR it is reaction to all the dust and diesel fumes in the air. We are seriously thinking of leaving here on Jan 9th when the rent is due. From the constant noise everyone here is irritable, not a fun time. 
Christmas Day began with a kind of pretty sunrise. But the best part of the day was - all the construction workers were at home with their families. They all left late Saturday afternoon So we have had a few days of quiet with no dust blowing around. 
We picked up John and Jackie and went to the Golden Zone and had breakfast at Lucky B's. It is the perfect place to people watch. And there were two cruise ships in port. The taxis, pulmonias and buses were loaded with people. Most of them dropping off their passengers in front of the jewelry stores where the sales people were waiting outside to greet what they hoped would be customers. This big welcoming Santa had a mustache that wiggled back and forth. See the sales men standing there salivating!
Lots of big buses and, of course, the FunBus unload in the area. Can't really see it in the picture, but no one looked like they were having fun! And it is really too bad if this is the impression of Mazatlan all these tourists take home with them. Nothing here but restaurants and shops that price items in US dollars. There is so much more to the city and the area. 
 A pulmonia and a safari disgorging their passengers. The driver gets a cut if they buy something. 
 There was a big Christmas dinner at the RV park, our contribution was this big cake. We had to pick it up and get it there without shaking it too much. Very slow and careful drive home and it made it fine. US$ 17.00 and it tasted very good. 
Turkey and dressing and ham and all kinds of side dishes. Big turnout for the dinner. But by dinner time Bill was in bed, said he felt like he got run over by a truck. I went up and picked up a meal for me and a piece of the cake for him, but didn't stay to visit and eat.
Later I happened to go outside and saw this wonderful Christmas Day sunset.  

Just about when I was ready to go in it changed colors as the sun sank lower. 
 Final blaze of glory. One of the longest and prettiest sunsets I've seen here this year. Lifted my spirits a little.
The colors don't show up as good in the video I took with my camera.
I got Bill up to watch the end of it. He took the drone up, but it was during the last stages of the sunset. A still picture from the drone - see the reflection of the sun through the hole in the clouds. 
Some videos - from 200 to 400 feet high. 

I like this one the best.
And so ended Christmas Day. Today the trucks are back, seems like more then ever. Dust is flying from all directions. And diesel smoke is turning everything black. They are already building houses in the land to the north side of the park.


Mark said...

Well I for one am hoping that the dust problem settles down so you continue to stay.

Carol and Bill said...

Me too, but it is miserable to live with.