Thursday, March 7, 2019

And the construction continues.

All winter we've had construction on both sides and behind us. Well now it is also in front of us. The development has to put in new sewer lines and where do they run why under the street out front of course. So that means digging up the street. It has been an interesting few days.
Just getting into and out of the RV park has become a trial with the continuing construction. Now the street out front is being torn up.

Every time we went in or out we were directed in a different way. Yesterday we had to go up over the curb and drive down the center island to get to the RV parks gate. Good thing we have a Jeep. 
To see this one in full screen click here
Here is the street construction. And then someone ran into the light pole and it is broken and laying on ground. Only traffic allowed on this side of street is into and out of RV park. Looking south. This is the northbound lane. Most of the cement has been replaced. 
 You can see where the barricades are, forcing traffic to southbound lanes.
 Looking north this is just about finished. The new development is just beyond the red sign. 
 The construction on our north side is mostly hidden from us now with the big wall. Except for where they had to tare the wall out because someone didn't read the plans. One of the homes will become that part of the wall. Nope, not kidding. 

Hope they are watching our Internet wire - it is there somewhere. 
Behind us it is still going on - they are still bringing dirt in. The dirt is already higher then the cement wall...Next week they are supposed to add the cinder blocks to the the cement behind us. 
On the south side it is really a mess. Hope the wind continues to blow from the north. Look at that cloud of dust. You can barely see the dump truck. 
Don't change direction wind. 
I think it can be seen full screen here
We have a for sure departure date I think...a week from today.  Off to do some errands.

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