Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Another visit to El Quelite

On Monday we visited El Quelite again with good friends. One can never visit there too many times. It is like a fairy tale town. So much color. Like this Mexico Pink home. And so many flowers and plants every where. 
 Have to share the streets with the chickens. And he was in no hurry to get out of the way. See the big plant on the corner. 
 Sweeping the street in front of her business. 
 Last year the whole house and fence were blue. Now the front and other side are these colors. Ran out of paint?
 Parked and on our way into the restaurant. Looking down in the wash at the mother burro and her growing baby. Lots of hens and roosters running around down there too. 
 Mind the Gap. Need a skinny behind to sit on this bench - or good balance. 
 My favorite buildings. LOVE the COLORS!
 Just inside the restaurant up on the wall.  Don't think I ever noticed the trunk before. 
 I WANT HIM!  Isn't he a beauty. Ceramic of course. Wonder where they got him. 
 Something new in the tree next to our table. 
 After eating we took a walk up the stairs to the new addition that goes over the wash. One of the bathrooms. The first thing that goes through my mind when I see one of these toilets is "I sure wouldn't want to be looking at that if I was sick." I know weird mind. 
 Some of the tile work and sink. The water comes out of the mouth of the figure.  
Oh my - colorful here too. 
The ladies bathroom. Above the men's room was a picture of a Rooster.
Looking towards the eating area from in front of the bathrooms. 
The sink in the picture above. 
And finally a picture of the eating area. 
Looking down at the wash from the eating area. 
A new serving counter upstairs.
Looking down again. That is a rain spout with a ceramic iguana. Didn't see any real iguanas this time.
Looking at the entrance from upstairs inside the restaurant. Want to ride a horse?
The rooster in the middle is a real one. 
This is the floor of the upstairs eating area. Pretty wall.
Isn't he a special one. Looks like he has freckles. 
He is pretty too. 
Bill watching the roosters. Took the picture for the colors. 
Back inside. Some of the decorations. The real rooster has left.
This older man is always in this chair playing his harmonica. 

Another rain spout this one with a turtle. 
Some strange look cacti. 
Now that yellow house is a REAL TINY house. 
Finally "kind of" got a picture of the Tropico de Cancer globe and sign. 
Another enjoyable day in El Quelite. Tomorrow morning we plan to leave - heading north. If we do leave I'll be posting from a truck stop parking lot. This morning we had breakfast at La Martina again and yesterday we spent part of the day in Centro. So eventually I'll catch up with those postings. 


Unknown said...

Oh what beautiful pictures. I love the colors of Mexico. I’ve never been to this little town but if and when I get to Mas it lawn that will sure be want to see. Sure love your stories of your adventures in Mexico.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you It really is a pretty little town.

Barb said...

that rooster must have decided the other two roosters were too boring to hang out with! Lol!

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