Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Unexpected fun discovery

Yesterday we'd gone to the market and then to the mall. Just across from the mall in a huge parking lot were the floats from Sunday's Carnaval parade. Of course we had to go look at them. We did not watch the parade so don't have any information about them. 
Very regal looking float.
A couple of different views of this one. Kind of cute. 

Wise owls and a full moon maybe?
This one was interesting. And big. 

Birds free from their cage. 

Something from Jules Verne? 

Another view of it.

Little Mermaid
I thought this one was interesting and pretty. 
Also liked this one. 

This animal was made with fabric. Very pretty.

Been doing a few other things but will write about them later. Enjoy the floats.

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