Sunday, March 17, 2019

The rest of the trip to San Carlos

Ill take up where I left off yesterday. Getting back on the 15D after the Obregon bypass. 
Several herds of goats and cows along the center divider and the side of the road. 
 I think this was before Viacom - but maybe it was just after. Any way it was a scary part of the new concrete highway. Because it was so good everyone was going real fast. The problem was - at the edge of the concrete on both sides of the road it just dropped off. About a four foot drop. No room for error. And of course every one was passing every one they'd been stuck behind 
 He has a load of sticks on the back of his bike. 
 More animals. Sure hope the kid standing on the side of the road is quick on his feet if they start to head for the highway. 
A rather long - about 6 minutes - of video of passing through the little town of Viacom. Many, many topes. Where ever there is a tope there is a person trying to sell you something. No sign for first tope, but truck slowed way down so we knew one was coming. A sign and people selling. Bus is slowing down, selling something. I think it was birds. Sign and people. Sign no people but saw truck slow way down. No sign, no people, thank goodness for truck slowing down. Some of the topes are hard to see. Another one. Everything slowing down, now what? Young guys lining both sides of lane wanting donations. Notice the guy thinking about stepping out in front of us. Finally out of town but then there were vibradores They really rattle you. More construction and road is not very good. Trying to avoid potholes. 
Road okay for a while then this transition around the turn off to Empalme. Come on people the road is good before and after this 200 feet!!! Why not fix this?
To get to San Carlos we don't go through Empalme we continue on through the toll booth - they were collecting actual tolls there - on to the gas station make the U-turn and head back to San Carlos. If you go that way too make sure you watch for the turn into the gas station it comes up quick. Then back over the bridge on to the road to Guaymas and San Carlos. Most of that section is under construction too.. The road into San Carlos has been repaved? With the chips and oil. But it is pretty well packed down.
Staying at Totonaka as usual. Their water is still very weak. Had someone come and check why our fresh water tank was leaking. Seems that when this JAYCO was built the ground wire for the water pump was screwed onto the bottom of the plastic water tank. All the rough road shook the screw out. Mechanic put it back in and sealed the whole thing with silicone to hold it. Mechanic also had right size allen wrench and he tightened the mirror. Hope both of them hold. 
Today turned out to be a great sports day Messi had a Hat Trick for Barcelona and my favorite driver #18 Kyle Busch won his 53 Cup race and his 200 race in all three series Truck, Xfinity and Cup. Wow!
Leaving here tomorrow morning for the states. Next blog should be from Arizona.


Barb said...

Do people actually stop at those topes to buy stuff and block the road while doing so?

Carol and Bill said...

yes they do!

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