Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Singing, eating and sunsets

We've been going out to eat a lot lately. Bill keeps trying different foods to see if they bother him. We went to Pancho's so he could have Cesar salad with a side of fries. Glad to say it didn't bother him at all. Any way while there a couple of strolling musicians came in to play for the willing customers. 
[The drink in the glass is ice tea.]
They were not bad. 
Got lots of different sunset pictures, this one was last Wednesday March 6th. We stopped on the beach on our way home from dinner. 

Again I never noticed the ship when I took the picture. 
And this was Friday March 8th. Taken from same area just across the street and down a block from the RV park. [All road construction out front is finally done.- Good thing as a 25 rig caravan came in over the weekend.] Every spot here in the back was full. Good thing there weren't 26 of them. 
Looking south along the beach towards downtown. 
Just liked the sun reflecting on the sand. 
This boat I knew about, there are a couple of birds in the picture too. 
Another picture with reflections on the sand. 
One afternoon we went to the mall again so Bill could get some stickers made for the back window of the jeep. The ones there were getting ratty looking. 
Discussing how he wants something placed. 
Stopped at Burger King on the way home. He had a Whopper, fries and Pepsi. No problems and he ate the whole burger! He is getting to be a happy camper again. 
The new stickers were the roll me over one and the trees and moon with towed all over Mexico. Much cheaper to get them done here then at home. 
Saturday and Sunday were NASCAR days - Kyle raced both days and won both races in Phoenix. He has a pretty good record overall. And he has many more years of racing ahead of him. He is only 33. These numbers include the truck, Xfinity and Cup races. 

Like I said lots of sunset pictures. This is with the drone from the RV park.

If interested can be see full screen just click here. 
This is the area where they tore down the wall. Now they are putting in all the plumbing and electrical for the house that will be built there. Actually in these pictures they are pouring and spreading the cement for the floor.
 The cement is in the wheel barrel and they are spreading it by the shovel full.  

 A lot of the construction is now going on in the front of the complex. The haze in this picture is dust in the air.
Oh look at that. That is Pablo the mechanic's car.  Yep he is here for the Jeep. 
 The back driver's side window decided to disappear into the door when it got put down yesterday. No way to get it back up except to take the door apart. Luckily Pablo had time yesterday to come over and fix it. Sure couldn't go anywhere with it wide open. 
All fixed - well not quite - but it is up and closed. Cannot be put down again. For now fine. 
And that is what we've been doing lately. Yesterday we went to El Quelite probably for the last time this year. 
Starting to do some cleaning inside and putting things where they go for traveling. Tomorrow the RV will get washed and waxed. Poor thing is covered in red dust.


Mark said...

So glad that Bill can now eat most things without any issues. Safe travels back to home.

Barb said...

Jeep Liberties have a tendency for the windows to drop like that. My back window dropped while I was in Phoenix two years ago. The part that fails is plastic and the replacement part is also plastic so that will eventually fail again. I found a guy on-line who makes the part with metal so it is a permanent fix. If you are interested, I can give you the info to his website.