Monday, March 18, 2019

Change of plans

Got up Monday morning and changed our plans. We will spend one more day in San Carlos. A couple of things contribuited to this decision. This is a three-day weekend for Mexico. And there are more cars and people here in San Carlos then we've ever seen. And they will all be going home today. Also Bill has a bit of an upset stomach, not bad, but why travel when we don't have to. 
Totonaka RV. Beach is right across the street and lots of restaurants and pretty scenery. Good WiFi - got to watch both the soccer game and the race yesterday!
Cleaning some of the road grime off the RV. Lots of other RVers stopping by asking about the painting on the hood. A couple were even taking pictures of it.
On our way in to Chihuahas for breakfast yesterday.  
An ARCO gas station here in San Carlos. On the way here also saw several Chevrons and a couple of Gulfs. Also some brands I didn't recognize. Some have prices posted some don't. I saw a couple that were cheaper than Mazatlan. 
 Took a drive to the Mirador. Passing the small boat harbor. The water was two distinct colors. Doesn't show up that well in the picture. 
Ocean and desert scenery. Kind of green here due to heavy rains in the past few weeks. 
 From El Mirador. 

See the guy in the jeans and white jacket and hat? He has a drone and is taking pictures of the people there. He asks them if they want a drone picture of themselves and the scenery. Charges them 100 pesos and then sends the video to their cell phone. He was getting a lot of takers. Hum maybe we should pick up some side money?
 There are more people in town then we've ever experienced. And a lot of them were up at the look out point.
How about this house. Way up on the hill and a 360 view. We were told he bought the mountain tops around him so his view won't ever be spoiled.
For sure tomorrow we'll be heading to Arizona. Just had a lazy day today. Can't believe how many people are in town.


Kathy Tycho said...

The wall is going up behind us and they are building a palapa close to the north wall at this end. Safe travels.

Carol and Bill said...

We are in Arizona now. Good to be almost home.
Wonder what it will look like next year with all houses in.

Belgique said...

Thanks for doing the blog again. Have followed you every day and enjoy it very much. Brings back memories. Sorry you had the health issue and the construction. We stayed in that park in 2016 and would not have enjoyed all the dust and noise. Safe summer to you guys.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank yo for your comments. It wasn't an enjoyable winter. Hopefully next year will be better.

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