Saturday, March 9, 2019

Out to breakfast.

This post is mostly about going to breakfast at La Martina. And includes three different trips there.
On the way out there we pass a very big fighting rooster farm. This is only a small part of it. There is a rooster in every one of the little cement tepees. And they are loud! No cock fighting is not legal in Mexico. but raising fighting cocks and selling them is legal. Go figure. And they are expensive.
Finally I kind of managed to get a photo of the entrance gates. See the Rooster statues up on the pillars. 
I know neither of the pictures is real good, but you can see the idea. 
This man is amazing. We stop and talk to him all the time. He volunteers to trim the weeds and brush that grow along the sides of the road. With his machete! He is always happy and has a great smile. 
Well look at that, first time we've encountered a herd of cows on this road. The herder was a young woman. Took her awhile to get them off the road on to the trail. 

The restaurant La Martina. I know I've done lots of posts on it, but still find different things. The restaurant is built hacienda style with the big open patio. It is also painted Mexican Pink - yes that is a recognized color [which goes from fuchsia to intense pink-]Click here to read about it. 

A pretty 15th birthday girl and her proud family. 
Beautiful place to have a celebration. 
New plants in the back part of the restaurant. Will be beautiful when the bougainvillea grow. There is a stage under the roof.
New pots of roses. Every time we go there there is something new and more color. 
When we got to the restaurant Bill stopped to talk to Johnny the chef. Johnny told Bill that he goes to the garden to pick the lettuce and tomatoes for his salad fresh. After we ordered Johnny came out to this garden and called to Bill. He had a handful of just picked lettuce and bent over to pick a ripe red tomato. Wow. The garden where the lettuce and herbs grown.
Couldn't' get a good picture but here is the tomato plant. 
Can just barely see Johnny on the left in dark blue. 

Bill's meal. Complete with tomato rose. Bill says it tastes so good being just picked. 
The land behind this fence has just been planted with herbs and vegetables. They want to grow everything they serve. The sign says "Who knows what he seeds in the ground he is not afraid of what he is going to harvest."  As close as Bill can translate it.
A mimosa tree starting to bloom. 
What a pretty view. 

Getting ready to leave - maybe for the last time this year. 
We will be getting the RV washed - pounds and pounds of dirt on it - and waxed on Wednesday and then leave here Thursday the 14th.
Today we didn't have such a fancy lunch. Stopped at Burger King and both had a Whopper with fries and Pepsi. So far Bill is tolerating it. Meat, cheese and fired food. It has been almost two months since his surgery. He is feeling really good. 

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