Monday, March 25, 2019

Finally time to sit still for a while.

The final days journey. 218 miles. Took about four hours. Final sunrise in Quartzsite.
Lots of clouds, the sun was having a hard time coming out.
 Almost looks like a double sun
I tried to get a clear picture of these pretty purple flowers, but between thee bug on the windshield and the movement this was the best I got.
 Lots and lots of yellow ones too.
 What I love about the desert You can see forever.
 Our final check point at the California border. Nope no plants.
 The 95 heading towards Vegas. The road surface and size changes once into Nevada.
 Don't think I've ever seen the Joshua trees blooming as much as they are this year.
 Over the hill and almost home. Mount Charleston. Still lots of snow up there. 
Got home and started unloaded then went to lunch. Got back and unloaded some more. Then took a break to watch the end of the truck race. Unloaded a little more then crashed.
Our first sunrise home, not as pretty as usual.
We kept the RV in the street two nights. Then went out this morning and nothing was working.  No power anywhere. Bill soon had it fixed though - the power cord had come unplugged just enough to break the connection but not enough to tell when looking at it.
Got a letter from the community manager telling us we have to paint the shed to match the house. Before April 9th. Good luck on that.  Actually the shed looks nicer than the house. Oh well. Most of our plants made it through the winter. A couple didn't.
Our wonderful son - the one with the cleaning service- sent over a couple of his ladies to clean both the RV and the house!!!!! The RV hasn't been that clean in a long time. At least all the dust is gone and the cabinets polished. And all the dust on the furniture and floors in the house from being empty is now gone. And Bill took me out for a late lunch. Good day
He even got my car juiced back up and we took it for a drive to pick up all our mail. And that is another story for another day.
This was our whole trip 2533 miles. And we spent more on eating out then on groceries. I am spoiled.
So now back to real life.


phxxer said...

Try panning the camera with the direction of your subject. I did it years ago at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Car was sharp, and background was blurred. Perfect.

Carol and Bill said...

thank you will give it a try.