Wednesday, March 20, 2019

On U.S. soil again.

Yesterday was a 285 miles day. The longest of the three days. We left San Carlos at 7:30 and pulled into the campground in Amado at 2:30-a seven hour day. The funny thing is the roads were the best we've been on.
 Some construction leaving San Carlos before getting back on the 15D. We also stopped to put fuel in the RV just before getting onto the highway. 
 A military check point along the way. No problem, got waved right through. 
 Mostly very good roads - thank goodness. Just a couple of rough spots here and there. One just out of Santa Ana. Mostly either new concrete or very good asphalt. Some changing from north to southbound lanes and back again. But not much and the transitions weren't too bad. 
 A random federal police check in the middle of no where. Again got waved right through. 
 This must really be a dangerous curve. Getting closer to the border.
 We stopped at Km 21 and turned in our paper work for the Jeep. Took a bout five minutes. Usually we park and cross the highway to get our exit stamp on our passports and turn in the tourist cards. But yesterday we didn't. The is no way to walk across the highway any more. There is a big cement center barrier. Not climbing that. 
After Km21 a few miles is the Mexican check point. Well all the trucks have to stop there. And the lines were really long. Trucks in both lanes. We did see a few brave cars and trucks going north on the wrong side of the road!!! After about 40 minutes we'd inched up enough to see a broken down truck in one of the lanes. Guess that is why it was so backed up. All in all about three quarters of an hor to make it to the check point to just drive through it. 
Didn't take many pictures this time. Got closer to the U.S, border and much to our surprise where the RVs have to get in the far right lane there are no more vendors to help you make the transition. There was one border guard who came up to the window and told us we needed to get to the far right and then walked away Bill called after him and asked if he'd help us. No problem. He stopped traffic so we could get to the right side. There seemed to be more room to make the left turn behind the barricades this year. 
When we got to the Bus lane there was an RV inside and a bus in front of us. So we had a little wait. 
Every passenger had to get off the bus and get their luggage and go inside to customs. Guards inspected inside of bus. Then the driver could get back in and drive his bus forward out of our way. 
This year for the first time we had to exit the RV while three border guards went inside and inspected it. They did find an apple and tangerine that they took. No fruits or vegetables can cross into US. But they left an eggplant, a couple of tomatoes and garlic and an onion. ??? When they opened the refrigerator one of the shelves on the door fell off again. It has been doing that the last couple of travel days. So at least I'd taken everything out of it. But I heard it go. Also when he opened one of the little cupboards he was attacked by cans of tuna. 
We got back in and waited for the x-ray machine to give us the go ahead. Finally one guard came up to us and told us we didn't need to go through it and we could just go. An other 45 minutes there. 
We were glad to get to the RV park. And get settled in. 
We were both starving so headed up to Green Valley to Denny's - gourmet food for us - ate and then went to WalMart for a couple of things. 
Back at RV I got our Verizon up and running. The park has WiFi but signal is a little weak. And then was on the phone for seems like hours maybe 30 or 40 minutes getting the Dish TV system working again. 
Oh - coming back from Green Valley we had a little rain. Really quick shower. Still some snow on the mountains around here though. 
This morning back into Green Valley so I could get my bacon fix at Denny's and some more shopping at WalMart, enough to get us home. It is so hard to find Strawberry JELLY anymore. Had to make separate stop at Safeway to find some - house brand. 
The mirror stayed fixed but the fresh water tank is leaking again. Sigh...


Contessa said...

Happy that you are back in the US with no issues. Thanks for all the info you have posted about the road.

Doug and Nancy said...

If you didn't turn in your tourist VISAS at Km 21, what do you do?

Carol and Bill said...

They expire. Other than that I don't know, but we never used to turn them in until they started to stamp our passports. I was more concerned about no exit stamp but US didn't seem to care.

Carol and Bill said...

hope you have an uneventful trip north.

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