Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Beautiful Arches National Park

We are now in Monument Valley for a couple of days. Couldn't get a camping site anywhere in Moab to extend our days there. 
But want to share more pictures from Arches National Park. Can't go wrong with them, such beautiful scenery. Not even going to make many comments. What could I say?
 The weather was perfect and the sun in the right place to show the colors to their best. 

 And suddenly there is flat land for as far as you can see. 
 One of the arches from a long distance. It is amazing what weather and wind can do. 

Reminds me of Nefertiti
We went back just before sunset and took more pictures. 

 This is by The Organ   Notice the shadow.
 Across the street - the Three Gossips. 
 See the rock reflected in the wings of the eagle. 
 And looking from the other side, the Three Gossips on the hood of the Jeep.
 One place from the highway we got a glance of the North and South Windows. 

 The Petrified Dunes looking towards the La Sal Mountains. 
 Balanced Rock. There was a bird sitting up on the very tip top of it. 
Stopping at the Garden of Eden we saw something moving on one of the tall rocks.
 The guy was pulling up the rope to help the girl climb up to him. 
 She isn't making much progress.
I have a video of them but the internet connection will not upload it. Going to try to upload the blog now. Will finish up Arches and post about Canyonlands another day. 


Grandma on the Road said...

Try Dead Horse Point State Park near Moab and Arches next time. Even if it is full, the view from the point is incredible: It has only electrical hookups and you have to bring your own water, but the location is gorgeous. It is on the way to Canyonlands National Park.

Carol and Bill said...

We talked about it but then forgot. Until we drove up into Canyonlands, then we remembered. But yesterday the winds up in Canyonlands was horrid. It felt like our legs were being sand blasted.

SandyM said...

Have so enjoyed your post about Arches National Park - one of my favorite parks. Aren't our national parks a treasure? Hope you got the red dust out of your ears by now 😊😊😊

Carol and Bill said...

It continues to be windy here in Monument Valley - chewing grit!