Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Some more from Vernal.

Tuesday and our plans are all messed up. Today we were supposed to go see a great collection of Indian Petroglyphs. But it is pouring rain. The weather report said today was supposed to be "partly cloudy" and tomorrow was supposed to rain. So I planned. Petroglyphs Tuesday,  museum Wednesday and Moonshine Arch Thursday. So much for plans, it is even too rainy to go to the museum because a lot of it is outside. So now I just hope it dries up fast by Thursday so wee can take the dirt roads to the Indian pictures and the big arch. Looks like today's rain should be gone by early afternoon.
Bill fooled around with the electric furnace in the RV and it is working again. Cross that off our list for when we get home. 
Back to Dinosaur National Monument. Walking around the grounds Bill found a piece of petrified wood. Interesting, no we didn't take it just looked at it and put it back down
 Doesn't the rock on the right look like a laughing face? All the different types of rocks are amazing. All colors and all shapes.
This looks like a pyramid - one sided is smooth the other side is bumpy. Very technical terms. 
 Some of the hills look like hard sand dunes. 
 Stopped for a look at the river running alongside the road.  

 Thought this was interesting. How many layers there are. 
 They keep popping up everywhere.  
 There is an interesting story about this bank. Read about it in the Walking Tour Brochure. I'll quote it, "Zions First National Bank. The building was built with bricks mailed to Vernal by parcel post from Salt Lake City via D$RG Railroad to Mack, Colorado. Then over Douglas Pass on narrow gauge Uintah Railroad to Watson, then to Vernal by horse-drawn freight wagons. As a result of this expensive mailing, the postal service changed parcel post regulations." Can you imagine how many boxes that must have taken. It is not a small building. 
Here is a link to a short article about the bank and other parcel posts delivered to Vernal. 1,500 crates of bricks 10 to a crate. 37 1/2 tons.

A mural An oil well and a dinosaur and probably one of the Cobbled  Rock arches.
 I can't get over the flowers. They are amazing. 
 Another little dinosaur. This one in a bathing suit suggesting a swim. It is at a motel.
 I think I posted him before but can't have too many dinosaurs. 
 This kind of shows how big these bunches are. 
 No idea just saw it on the side of a building.
Well it is noon and it is still raining, but looking a little lighter out.  Hopefully we'll get out for a bit today. It dried up and we went to a fantastic museum.

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