Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Hartville and Sunrise, WY

Saturday we took a short - 6 miles - drive to Hartville and Sunrise. 
The scenery on the way out.  
 Not exactly a big town. [How come I can never spell exactly right? You'd think I would learn it. Thank goodness for spell check.]
The intersection at the beginning of town. 
Hope you can read this. Very interesting. In the late 1870's the town site of 200 acres was purchased from the Federal Government for $250.00. Hartville was incorporated in 1911 making it the oldest incorporated town still inhabited in Wyoming. Did you know that Wyoming was the first state to allow women to vote in general elections. "In 1869, William Bright, a saloon-keeper and politician, introduced a bill in the Wyoming House that would give women the right to vote. The bill passed and Republican Governor, John Campbell, signed it into law. That fall, 69-year-old Louisa Swain became the first woman to vote in the country. She voted in Laramie, Wyoming without a single protest."
Hartville had 13 saloons/gambling halls, 2 newspapers, numerous bordellos, an opera house and numerous merchants. 
Entrance to town. 
 This is advertising the "Oldest operating bar in Wyoming."
 The sign on this building is also advertising the bar.
 Might have been a garage?

  Trading Post maybe?

 Lots of flags flying around town. 
 Episcopal Parish Hall.
 Another church
 More flags
 Episcopal Church. Notice the two lambs in the yard. They are statues. 
Just an old boarded up building
 A closer look at the front. No idea about the moose sign. 
There is a fortune in old wood in this town. 
 Hartville Fire Department
 This building puzzles me. There are hanging pots of pretty flowers all along the front of it. 
 And this is the inside, looking through the window. Is it open? reopening? abandoned?
And this is the oldest bar still in operation in Wyoming. 

Looking inside. It is open for business Thursday to Sunday from 5 o'clock until 10 as a bar and a steakhouse. 
 The bar is 150 years old and hand carved. Wish we could have gotten inside. But didn't want to make another trip out just to see it.
The reviews I read people were very happy with their meals. For the prices they should be. 
Also have outside eating for the nice summer Wyoming nights. 

Interesting little town. About Sunrise next blog. Not much to it. 
We are now in Rawlins, WY for two days.

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