Sunday, September 8, 2019

Vernal, UT for a while

We are now in Vernal Utah, got here yesterday afternoon after the Drive From Hell. It was only 110 miles from Rock Springs but there was a 20 mile section of it that was not what we were expecting. Other than that the scenery was kind of boring. We were on the east side of the Flaming Gorge so didn't have the spectacular scenery as the west side. But we did that side once in the Alfa and didn't want to do it again. 
 Almost 9000 feet here. 

 Driving across the dam. 
But first about where we are. Welcome to Vernal - aka Dinosaur Land. 
 Isn't he/she cute. 
We are staying at Fossil Valley RV in Vernal. It is a great medium sized park. We are staying for a week, so one day is free, which makes the daily rate $36. Not bad now days. Has full hookups, pull throughs, wonderful WiRi and lots of huge shade trees. When I called to make the reservations I knew about the trees and asked if there were any sites where our satellite would work. No problem. When we got here we had three choices. Made the right choice. From our RV look what Bill can see. His two favorite fast food places. 
Our nice level spot among the tall trees. Also nice grass areas to step out on. 

So about the trip. As I said only 110 miles - but this was about 15 miles of it. An 8 to 9% grade with NINE switchbacks. Along with all the other curves. 

I always wonder what you think if you are a trucker who has lost his brakes and the sign says "Runaway truck ramp 3 miles." Time to pray I guess.
Luckily it was at the end of the trip. We went from 8700 feet to 5400 feet in those few miles. Then only about 8 miles left into Vernal. Found the RV park with no problems. The man who owns the park said he built it in 1990 and it was at the far edge of town. Now it is almost downtown. 
After our naps we took a short drive around the main street. Hello!
 These big beautiful masses of flowers line both sides of the street downtown. 
 This looks interesting. Named Cobble Rock Park, it was built in 2001. A park in this area has always had the Cobble Rock archways.
 Just got a quick photo of this as we drove by. 
 In front of a motel. 
 Most of the light posts have huge hanging baskets on them. Downtown is so pretty. 
 In front of one of the museums. We will have to go there.  
Today we pretty much stayed in the RV. I wanted to watch NASCAR and it was raining off and on and kind of cool out.  My favorite driver was doing good then blew his engine half way through the race. Oh well. 


SandyM said...

Trying to remember the year we visited, 1979, I think. We had two little kids one of whom was enthralled with all things dinosaur in tow. We remember it as a good visit and the digs were so awesome to see. Will be interesting to see photos of how it looks today. The hanging baskets are beautiful and love the,pink dinosaur!

Kathy Tycho said...

Hmmm...the dinosaurs don't really do it for me. Too cute!