Sunday, September 22, 2019

Morning at Monument Valley

We are in Seligman now - a short 84 mile drive. But back down to a livable altitude, no wind and warm! 
So here we are going back into Monument Valley early in the morning. Our receipt from the day before got us back in without having to pay again. The sun shining on the rocks is a sight to behold. Here the road was a fine powder red dust. Luckily we were there before the traffic got heavy. A lot of this post will just be scenery. Bill says he feels like he is in a cathedral when here. Neither of us could find a word to really describe the area. Awesome, peaceful, magnificent...none do it justice
Another picture of the mittens, but check out the road. Every once in a while the dirt disappeared and the ragged rocks showed up. Better watch carefully for them because they are rough.
The three sisters with the sun on them. 
The different colors in the rocks fascinate me. Almost makes them look like a woven piece of cloth. 
The famous "point" at John Ford's Point. We went up there the night before so by passed it on the way in. More about the horse and rider later. 
Just scenery. Lots and lots of greenery around. 
Taken out the front windshield. A doggy in the road. Several Navajo families live here in the Valley.
The camel again. He looks kind of snooty. Like he is better then the rest of the formations. 
More rough spots in the road. 

Heading into Sand Springs. A natural aquifer seeps out where the De Chelly and Navajo sandstone formations meet under the sand dune.  Went right next to this rock. Hoped it didn't decide to tip over.
Looking at where the spring is. 

Different colors in the rocks. 
 The big chunks of rock that have broken off and slide down. 
 Eventually will be an arch. Many, many years from now. 
 Just like the look of this piece of rock. 
Organisms caught in the rock. 
 Just to show the size of some of these rocks that have broken off and slid down. 
  WHY? What makes humans do this?
 These little plants were all over, it is actually a bright turquoise color, camera didn't do it justice.
 Heading down the road again. 

Next stop will be Artist's Point. Breathtaking. For the next blog. 
We will be getting ready to leave Flagstaff as soon as it warms up some. Got to mid 30's last night. All we did here in Flagstaff was go out to eat a couple of times. The altitude here really bothers Bill as does the cold.
Did watch the Barcelona soccer game yesterday - boy they played horrible and lost to a not too good team! Then watched the NASCAR race. Parts of it were exciting. My driver finished second, loosing first about 25 laps from the finish. 

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