Monday, September 16, 2019

Helper and Price

What a terrible race yesterday for my favorite driver. At least he finished. Needs to get his act together. 
That said, we'd thought about heading more or less straight home. But discovered our next stop has absolutely no RV spaces available for a radius of thirty miles. Some big ATV affair going on there this week. So back to our plans to go south to Moab. We both like it there anyway. 
Our stay here in Helper found us up in the mountains on a dirt road that was supposed to go to Helper but seemed to go to no where. 

Sometimes one shouldn't trust the GPS. Just after we made the left turn the pink road wasn't there and we were headed up into the mountains. When road turned to a narrow track and the "road" we were supposed to turn on to head back to the town wasn't there we turned around. This is just before it got really hard to find. 
Why were we even on a dirt road. Well I was looking for a museum and we missed the turn off the paved road. But the GPS showed we could continue and just make a big loop and get back to town. NOT.
We retraced out dirt route and soon were back in town so we roamed around the downtown of Helper for a bit. Most of the original buildings are still occupied. 
We did find Big Bad John. This is a coal and oil economy area.We were here around noon, the sun made getting a decent picture undoable. Hope you can read some of this. 
 Again hard to get a good picture of John. But you can get the idea.  
We were actually driving around looking for a restaurant I'd read about on line. Couldn't find it this trip through. But did enjoy this interesting old gas station.
 More older buildings, there is a train caboose between the two of them. 
 Some kind of a park now. It was strange driving through town, No one out and about. 
 Kind of like we'd stumbled on an old movie set. No other cars driving around either.  
 Guess it isn't a Pennys any more. 
This white building used to be a Piggy Wiggly  Oh! and see the low building next to it with the tables and chairs out front. That is the restaurant. Forgot that in these small towns very few things are open on Sunday. 

The end of downtown.  Turned around and went back through town, that is when we actually found the restaurant that I'd already taken a picture of.  
I wonder what was supposed to happen. Pretty old movie theater.
 Another building with a completely tiled front. 

 It is the restaurant now. 
We left Helper drove back past the RV park and into Price. Much to our surprise we discovered one of the biggest WalMart Supercenters we've ever been in. Stocked up on a few things. Then accidentally ended up driving through old downtown Price.
Not many of the older buildings still standing. A movie theater. I hope they are using it for something. 
 All the cross walks in this area were decorated like this. Hard to miss.
 Another old theater. The now have a 5 Cinaplex (?) at the edged of town.
Well time to start calling RV parks in Moab to try to find a place to set for a while. 


Carl said...

Hello Carrol, I was reading some of your older blogs about Las Jaibas and noticed that you had internet to your site. Was that through Aztec and Cesar or someone else? Since Shaw will likely disappear sometime this winter, I I will need internet for streaming. We leave in about 3 more weeks and hopefully all the noisey construction will be over by this winter. Ha. Anyway we enjoy reading your blogs. Thanks for posting.

Carol and Bill said...

We use TelMex Infinitim They ran a cable to our site. When we get to Maz we have to go to their office and reactivate it. We use it to connect to our TV at home through the internet. Works good most the tiem.