Monday, September 9, 2019

Dinosaur National Monument

we woke up to a beautiful morning, no rain in sight and warm enough to go out. So off we headed to Dinosaur National Monument. 
Our first stop was at Naples Country Cafe in the little town of Naples. I'd read some great reviews on it. And sure glad we stopped. Both of us had wonderful breakfasts. Neither of us could finish all the food.
This tree condo was in the lobby. Very cute and detailed. Even little green pine cones as trees. 
 Four little houses on a tree branch. And a ladder to get up to them. 
 Lots of green fields and yellow flowers.
 Almost there. 
With our Golden Age Pass we saved another $25. 
Parked at the Visitor Center. I ended up buying a magnet, in and book written by women homesteaders. It should be very interesting. 
 About the above dinosaur.
 The initial discovery. 
Just transporting them to the museum was a huge job.  

We could not drive up to the Dinosaur Wall. We had to take the tram. Last time we drove right up. And according to the tram driver if we'd come next week we could drive up as this is the end of their busy season. 
 Doesn't that look like a dinosaur's back if he was laying down. 

Tried to get a panoramic shot, but you can's see the bones in it. 

 It was really hard to get good pictures, with the lighting every thing photographed the same color. But there were A LOT of bones there.
 The ones I touched. 
I took a lot more pictures but mostly of the landscape and Vernal. Will share them later.


Mark said...

Those tree branch art things are neat, Bill's next artistic endeavor perhaps.

Carol and Bill said...

Thanks! He was looking ti buy a chain saw.

Kathy Tycho said...

Now these dinosaurs I like..very interesting info. Thanks!

Carol and Bill said...

It was neat to touch a real bone!