Thursday, September 19, 2019

End of Arches Into Canyonlands

I know, I'm still writing about Moab but we are in the glorious Monument Valley {I took 303 photos today!] We got smart and went out into the Valley early this morning, hardly anyone else there and no wind. About noon the wind started up again, in force. We are rocking back and forth. I had the window open for a while and everything in here is covered with a fine red dust. Ick. Going to be fun to clean when we get home.
 After watching the idiots trying to climb the rock in Garden of Eden we went on to see the North and South Windows. I think this is the North Window. By the time we got there the sun was beginning to set. I'm looking east while looking at the windows.  
 Looking West the sun is going down. 
 Another look at the North Window.
 Both North and South Windows You can walk right up to them, but didn't this time was getting dark too quick. 
 Sun is getting lower.
 More color in the sky. 
 depends on where I pointed the camera how the sunset looked. 

 Look at the little pot shaped rock at the bottom right of the big weird rock.
 Another shot of the North Window.
Spooky looking isn't it.
I wasn't too happy with the drive out of the park in the pitch black night. Especially down the steep switchback exit road. 
Leaving the campground on our way to Canyonlands. The entrance to which is right across the street from Arch View Campground. 
 Heading towards the Park, it is about 25 miles from the main road. But there is no lack of beautiful scenery.
 Our first stop. 
The rocks are named after the first iron clad battleships.  
 Whoever named them thought they looked like this old photo.

 Pretty scenery. 
 A closer look at them. 
 Hum... is it going to rain, we could see rain to the north west of us. 
 Finally reached the park's entrance. Used our Pass again. Another $30 saved. 
We didn't stop at the visitor center, been there, got the pin, magnet and t-shirt.  So our first stop was the Shafer Canyon Overlook. You can see forever. Amazing. 

Will stop here as more people are pulling into the campground and the Internet is going to pot. Tomorrow we will be just north of Flagstaff hopefully with better internet. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Rock climbing is for the "real climbers" not tourists with a rope. No wonder so many people get hurt! Gorgeous that country. No wonder your poor camera is exhausted! 😂

Carol and Bill said...

It is almost beyond exhausted. Going to need a new one SOON